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How to Apply for Residency in Portugal

Hope you and your family are all staying healthy and safe during this uncertain time of Coronavirus! In this episode, we take you “behind the scenes” to our journey towards becoming residents of Portugal. We officially began the process in August 2019 by applying for our Visa in San Francisco, California. Then once in Portugal, Jen applied for the Residence Card. As of March 2020, Jen now has official residency! However, Justin and Jordan still await their appointment in July 2020 – almost 1 year after our journey began. The process has taken a lot of patience (and paperwork) but we are loving our life here so far.

• For Americans looking for more information on moving to Portugal, please check out the Facebook page:
We found some wonderful people and resources there to help guide us along the way.
• For the official SEF (Portuguese immigration) website:

We’re a small family embarking on a big journey – leaving behind life-as-we-know-it in California and searching for new daily adventures in Portugal and beyond. We’re diving outside our comfort and time zone and immersing ourselves in a new culture, traditions, cuisine, and (of course) playgrounds. We don’t promise to be perfect! But we do promise to meet interesting people, explore new cities, give a few tips, make lots of mistakes, and have fun along the way… And hopefully inspire you to embark on your own adventures both near and far. Every day is an adventure!

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  1. Why the hell you people change san francisco for portugal!!? Masochism!? So you lived in a first world country and you exchange for a third world country!? Even more serious, it seems that government is socialist supported by communists and radical left parties. It's all bad, run away from there!!

  2. What is the next procedure when one arrived in Portugal under D7 Visa ? how long and how much cost involved to get all residency docs in hand ?

  3. Hello sister am asking for your assistance , I am writing from Germany , and am living in Germany for 8 years but I still don't have my papers yet , I have not seen my wife and my 2 children for 8 years, I have tried to bring my wife to come to Germany she apply for a Visa two times she got rejected in Dakar embassy, I buyed a travlling document she didn't make it she was stop at the Senegal airport, I spend 6000€ I lost everything, I am seeking your assistance sister i want to have my family with me. If any one can help me of assisting my wife to find a Visa please contact me in this number or watsapp me, +4915222002809, thank you .

  4. Dear Jen, my family of three are thinking of applying for the d7 visa next year. I was trying to see how we could apply as a family and saw your video. May I ask if you went to Portugal for the immigration interview on that visa while your husband and son waited in the states? And after you got your resident card, they joined you on tourist visa and started their application from within Portugal ? How does that work for a family ? I am hoping you will do more detailed videos on the cost of living in Lisbon and preschools/life with a young child type of videos . All the best to you and your family ! Hanzhi (Judy)

  5. Hi there! We like your videos and we actually had a few things in common 🙂 We are in the process of moving to Portugal. I saw that you guys took your car there, right? We are also from the West Coast (San Diego) and we were wondering: was it expensive to ship your car to Portugal? What fees or taxes did you pay besides the shipping costs? Is it worth it, or you would not recommend it? Thank you and keep up with the good work!

  6. We used to have our residence cards (2005-2016) but came back to the Us for my Mother's funeral and surgeries. We re-applied in January. The virus het, and we are still here waiting for our renewal. For current information, the SEF is no longer issuing visas directly. You must now apply in person to VFS (Visa Forwarding Service), in San Francisco (if you're on the West Coast). They are one of the most incompetent bureaucracy's on the planet. We visited them (after waiting 3 weeks for an appointment) on January 21st. We submitted our papers at the that time and were assured that they were forwarded to Lisbon. VFS doesn't to know where our papers are, if they are in F Portugal or San Francisco. We call and get the answering machine, with a promise to call back. I might mention that the answering machine is located in Florida. We email, and that also goes to Florida with no answer.

  7. Ha yes. The endless torture of portuguese Burocracy. haha.
    Hang in there folks. Any help you may need with the portuguese language, feel free to ask. And welcome to Portugal.


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