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Genuine Links to Malta required by Maltese Citizenship Programme

askjpc@cclex.com | Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti: Malta, like the US, allows Dual Citizenship.
Malta grants citizenship to reputable investors in just 12 months.
Presence, Genuine Links: The IIP accommodates low levels of presence by taking into account personal, social and commercial links with Malta over that 12 month period.
A 4-tier due diligence process ensures only the most upstanding and reputable individuals receive approval.
Investments: Upon receiving in principle approval, the investor must make contribution of €650K to the MT Gov, with an investment of €150K worth of listed securities as well as a property €350K to be kept for 5 years post-naturalisation. This involves a total capital outlay of just over €1m.


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  1. New Maltese Citizenship Act regulations allow for naturalisation for exceptional services by direct investment in Malta.
    (The successful Malta Individual Investor Programme has reached its quota of 1,800 approvals and is now closed.)
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