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How I Became an EU Citizen!

I got my EU citizenship through ancestry, not marriage! Here’s the story!
Maybe it will help others in their own search for citizenship.
If you have Hungarian ancestry, you too can get citizenship!
Can an American also have EU citizenship? YES!

Link to my blog about the German Hungarians AND visiting my grandparents’ former village:

Jen and Milos spend six months each year leading large groups tours around Central Europe. The other half of the year is split living between Jen’s home country (USA) and Milos’ home country (Croatia.)


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  1. Thanks for sharing your story! We are in the process of obtaining documents to show lineage on my husbands side! Do you have a recommendation for a lawyer in Hungary that helps Americans with this sort of thing by chance?

  2. I'm planning one day to get Spanish citizenship since I'm a natural born Filipino, I just have to legally and continuously live for 2 years in Spain and then apply and hopefully get it within another 2 years, so basically within 4 years, I can be a Spanish citizen!

  3. I am in the almost exact situation – both my great grandmother and great grandfather on my mother's side were born in Romania near Homorod and Rupea, before WWI so it was not Romania yet at the time. I am going through my mother's documents and getting the birth certificates together. If you know of any tips , please let me know <3 princessroxanne323@gmail.com

  4. Hello Jen, thats such a really nice story 🙂
    Im writting from Peru, im a native spanish speaker. My great grandparents are hungarian, so i want to apply for the simplified naturalisation as you. I was a little bit sad when i read that hungarian is very difficult and it takes so many years to be fluent. I wanna ask you about how much time did you study hungarian? And what level did you need for the interview?. Thank you very much your video encouraged me ☺️

  5. I'm pretty sure Donau Schwaben descendant can apply for Germany citizen ship pretty easy. The same is true for descendants of Wolga Deutsche.
    Most European countries have a class "jus sanguinus"-citizenship (blood right).
    Don't expect to be a citizen of any European country for beeing born there!
    Most Anglo Saxon countries have a "jus territorialis"-citizenship(land right), so you aquire Citizenship by beeing born at that place. They do this in order to claim to be native-citizens of the places that their progenitors have stolen from other people!

  6. This is an exciting story on how you became a Hungarian citizen (without ever living there). I became a British citizen in 2011 because I wanted to live in the United Kingdom, but after Jan 2021 I'm going to be a bit screwed with only 90 day limmits. Trying to see if i can get my foot in the door in the Nordic world but their countries require 5-9 years of living there before you get a passport.

  7. Hey Jen, Congratulations on your marriage and you becoming a Hungarian and an EU Citizen but please do check out if you can get Romanian and German Citizenships too and definitely go for it if you are eligible because at the end of the day its all about having options and laws keep on changing like UK left the EU and if you have children in future then they'll have multiple citizenships and therefore multiple options to live, study, work and travel thanks to you. Please do apply for the Croatian citizenship too once you are eligible.

  8. Congratulations, nice partner 🙂 I got my Croatian citizenship by descent last year but I applied while I was on a holiday in Croatia. Got the Citizenship the same day (was easier because both my parents were born there). Could've taken a lot longer at the consulate. I also applied for Passport upon my return and got it in one month.

  9. I've been looking at doing this for a while and i have a few questions. How much hungarian did you speak to the consulate while you were obtaining your citizenship? Im going to Vienna towards the end of the year and i might see if i can meet with them, but do you have to have an apartment in vienna to go to the consulate in vienna? I'm trying to avoid doing it in the U.S., it sounds like it was a smooth process for you

  10. Hey Jen! Fellow Hungarian here with Transylvanian German ancestry. I know I am a little late to the party, but I gotta say I liked the video, and the blog article about Germans in Romania. Although my ancestors are more from the historical Partium region from around Kolozsvar (Cluj in Romanian), it was interesting to read/see someone actually going there. I liked the enthusiasm that you had towards finding out about your roots, really inspiring for me to do the same. 🙂

  11. Was lovely to hear your story! I was adopted when I was 8 from Romania by a U.S. family and I grew up in the U.S. At 27 I wanted to regain my citizenship, long story short I had to go to Timisoara to get an official copy of my birth certificate and once I had that…I went to a passport office, got my pictures taken and received my passport a month later. It is great to have EU citizenship as well!

  12. Any way I could contact you to talk more in depth about the process? I'm hoping to do something similar and my grandfather Is an immigrant to the US from Hungary! Let me know if you'd be willing to chat 🙂 thanks!

  13. I'm surprised about the low language requirements. I've heard that they have cracked down on Americans and they need to speak quite decent Hungarian for their interview. Maybe they were more relaxed back when you had your interview. It's not so easy now.

  14. I am also Hungarian American and I am wondering how much Hungarian you had to know for your application. I have not found much information except you just need to know it as the whole process is conducted in Hungarian.


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