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Expert Opinion: The Benefits and Misconceptions of St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship

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  1. My Mum is from Nevis, she been living back there since 99, yesterday I was thinking of getting my citizenship there and now this video pops up on my time feed, must be a sign 🙂

  2. The cost of living in Saint Kitts is high for the locals now, some of the most beautiful areas cannot be accessed to those who were born and raised there.

    There has been an increase of crime, and weapons smuggled.

    If you have over $100k to invest, I suppose none of this matters. It is a beautiful island, but the locals are suffering.

  3. Good job , your country has a good reputation in many ways this process included. Normad Capitalist , Andrew Henderson speaks well about this process.
    In many of these comments there is a great deal of ignorance regarding life on an Island . Having lived on Martha’s Vineyard and run a business in Bermuda it takes a certain perspective and approach to life “ at sea” . Yes you can get Island fever where you just have to leave occasionally. However I never felt the need , I now live on a barrier island on the East Coast of Florida , and my whole attitude alters as we cross the ICW and arrive “ on the island “ something off islanders will never understand ! St Kitts , no 50 percent US taxes, no US wars , the list goes on … islanders around the world we are a special breed linked forever to the sea .

  4. Very disappointing that this lady has citizenship of the federation, but keeps referring to the passport as a St Kitts passport. British by birth Nevisian by decent can't wait to get my citizenship which I am working on at the moment ❤🇰🇳❤

  5. After renouncing the US citizenship, can you still visit the US visa free with just St. Kitts and Nevis passport? How long can you stay in the US? How long do you have to stay in St. Kitts and Nevis each year? Will the St. Kitts and Nevis passport expire in 5 year? What's the cost to renew the passport at the end of the 5th year?

  6. Scam! The island is run down, No pride of ownership there by the locals. Gov't is broke! They need your money because they don't have any to support the community. Run the other way!

  7. one of the elementary schools I attended [back in the 1970's, a very small private school, if that makes a difference? in the USA fewer than 50 children from kindergarten through the 4th grade]. it has been closed for decades. the property was eventually purchased and an entirely new private school exists there. I have NO idea if the records even exist anymore. would they automatically reject my application if there's no way tp find them? and I imagine there are applicants even older than I am. are they automatically rejected, if their school records are not existing anymore?

    also: what's the story re: a military? do they have their own? and if so, which country/countries have an agreement to help defend St. Kitts & Nevis [since the population is relatively small], should any national security issues arise? or are they on their own?. every wo/man & family must be armed themselves?

  8. Saint kittens are very expensive place to live in ,they do not grow and crops ,vegetables, fruits, rice.99% are imported. price of broccoli triple price on what it is in u.s and Canada

  9. Do you guys have a quick overview of potential business taxes and property taxes?

    Is there a "sales tax" or VAT?
    It sounds like St Kitts is part (in some way) of the EU or a European country.
    Looks like a great place to live.
    Puerto Rico is not necessarily bad either.


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