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NEW Citizenship by Investment Program in Europe

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2021 is bringing us another Citizenship by Investment Program in Europe. This time it is North Macedonia.
North Macedonia (Macedonia until 2019.) is the Former Yugoslav Republic, that’s bordering Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania and Greece. Its capital is Skoplje, and the country has a little over 2 million people.

What about their passport?

As of May 2018, North Macedonia’s citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 125 countries and territories, ranking the passport of North Macedonia 41st in terms of travel freedom (tied with Colombian, Marshallese, and Tuvaluan) according to the Henley visa restrictions index.

This passport will give you access to the Schengen zone, lots of South America, and interestingly Japan.

The details of the program have not been yet announced. However, we’ve been informed that the program will cost 200 000 Eur, and it will include the entire family.
North Macedonia is planning to join the EU, however, it is not really clear when would this happen.

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Author: Michael Rosmer

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  1. Being in the EU is a deficit. If you actually do your research about the EU and the control they take of a country, the taxes they extract, the resources they rape and the rules, regulations and control frankly I think you are an idiot. Do your research. If you want to invest and build a business or simply retire and live your life affordably the EU is not the way to go.

  2. Great video like always.
    Michael please make video on new changes that Saint Kitts just announced which is anyone can sell his or her home and the buyer will qualify for citizenship. How you think about future price of land and homes after this change? I appreciate your hard work.

  3. I personally believe that Montenegro has a way higher chance of entering EU than North Macedonia.
    This might still be a good option for certain people, and I like the idea of 200k for the entire family. This would make it the most affordable CBI for multiple people. Passport is okay, not great no terrible.

    I'm quite excited to hear the updates about this program.

  4. Thanks, Michael. I agree that a CBI country in the Caribbean plus the Portugal Golden Visa Program is a better value. I don't think North Macedonia will be in the EU any time soon either. I applaud them for the forward thinking though.

  5. They do appear to have Japan, which may make them a worthwhile combination with a Caribbean CBI if you like to go to Japan, and want the UK & Ireland as visa-free access countries, but have no plan to live in the EU and no interest in visiting the Anglosphere outside Ireland and the UK, save for perhaps the Caribbean. I say that only because I've heard Japan can be a pain for visitor visas if you like to be a tourist there with any regularity. Outside of the Anglosphere, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia & Kuwait seem to be amongst the toughest countries to get visa free access to via CBI or relatively low time on the ground citizenship by naturalization countries. I mean Argentina is relatively low time on the ground for naturalization with a ton of visa free access save for the Anglosphere excepting the UK and Ireland at least pre-Covid and presumably post-Covid Ireland will restore visa free access for the South American nationals who lost it, but Argentina has that pesky no ability to renounce problem and a history that may lead one to believe in the age of CRS they may become a citizenship based taxation country like the USA.

  6. If price 200000 E is true , another one wannabe Montenegro on the rise. Guys this financially does not make sense as euro is aproximatelly 1,18 dollars nowdays . Why pay more for a worse passport ?

  7. You seem like a down to earth guy with very good knowledge and info. I like the channel! Much better than the "nomad" guy who humblebrags and talks about himself all the time. On the EU point, I think Macedonia could make it eventually but as for the longevity of the scheme I am not sure. Montenegro and Moldova also had schemes that were then shelved.


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