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ET! Week: Tom and Rita's Greek citizenship, Madonna's Instagram, Emmy noms | USA TODAY Entertainment

“Entertain This! Week,” highlights the top trending entertainment stories of the week. On this episode, we cover Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson becoming Greek citizens, Instagram deleting Madonna’s Instagram post over spreading false information and the Primetime Emmy nominations.

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  1. Wow! I just learned that Greece is one of the largest shipping countries in the world (containers by sea). Now we understand hanx decision to move to Greece – to become a shipping agent for his friends back in the old U.S. (oh and the Caribbean). Great discounts for the Clintons, Bushes, Gaga, Madonna, Bidens, Podestas, Spacey (or is he in jail yet?), Ellen, Oprah, etc. Lost toddler mitten? Well he'll find the matching hand (and arm, and chest, and…) for you but you better run fast, as this discount will not last for long.

  2. The images of Tom Hanks and his wife are CGI!! Go to Duck Duck Go search engine and type in “Celebrity Arrest and Execution List”. You will see his name on the list for Execution amongst others!! He’s already dead!!

  3. The media protects evil. I never heard one news story about the masses calling tom hanks out. That's Major news. Wake up CNN fox TV news are Satanic lies and cause fear hate.

  4. Really? The doctors are wrong, yet they are the most qualified to speak on what works for patients? Jimny Kimmel is actually hosting the event,, even though he painted his face black face? And NO ONE HAS A PROBLEM WITH THAT. YOU PEOPLE ARE SELLOUTS. IM DONE WITH CELEBRITIES. IM NOT WATCHING YOUR SHOWS, AWARDS, YOUR WHINING.

  5. Yep, fact checkers, instagram, fb is a nee censorship . People can’t post anything now. And does anybody care about nominations in this crazy 2020? ( even nominees don’t care judging by the video).


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