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Can vaccine passports kickstart the economy? | The Economist

Vaccine passports are likely to become a feature of everyday life as lockdowns are lifted across the world. But as “green passes” kick-start economies, what are the potential drawbacks?

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  1. One thing that has been proven over the last year is we the people are mugs, we've been lied to, conned, contained, controlled and soon to be sterilised.

    98% survival rate.

  2. This is just wrong. I am unable to take vaccines due to severe allergies. So how is my federally protected medical information any of your business to prove either way?

  3. No, it will create a 2-Class citizen system just like in Germany, WW2.
    Whoever supports this disgusting idea are enabling totalitarianism. It must be stopped, same for those who brought that forth.

  4. These large stores can absolutely require these “passports “ and employers can terminate employees that don’t get the vaccine. But just remember what Mr Lavar Burton said, “We’re living in a culture of consequences”. So to the corporate overlords I say this: If you deem it necessary to remove these people from polite society and force them into hardships like unemployment, homelessness etc… then you may want to consider relocation outside of the continental United States, lest one of the great unwashed masses decide to hold you accountable

  5. Oh my gosh. Why do u feel it is necessary to protect me? How in the heck does a vaccine protect you when I get one? With the vaccine I can still transmit it to others. I can still get it. ALL THE VACCINATION DOES IS PROTECT ME FROM SEVERE SYMPTOMS, IT DOESN'T PROTECT U FROM ME!

  6. Grant Snapps & co have it all set up with the EU The NHS app gets updated to include your QR code ,if you use a dumb phone they have that covered as well no QR code means no travel to the EU by plane /train /ship or car ,if you dont have it you get turned away .
    It can also be applied to UK domestic transport as well ,this was done in Russia last yr
    Your phone is scanned everywhere you go your pacs /macs /imei ,make model & serial numbers are transmitted .
    You could be stopped and asked why your phone is not turned on wether walking or driving

    A smart phone tracks to within 3ft a dumb phone tracks to within 3 phone masts and that can be a big area .
    My smart contract phone never leaves the house i always take a Doro phone when i go out !

  7. I walked in to a big box store maskless. Manager asked that i put on a mask. I replied that i have medical exemption and told manager to call police so i can have proof of this incident so i can sue the store for violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. She walked away and left me to be. I do have a medical exemption so i dont recommend doing this unless you can back it up in court.

  8. This passport nonsense can on be for dubious purposes and control.
    If vaccine works no full hospitals, nobody dying. If vaccine don't work, all the above happens, Boris and Dr Death and Dr Doom, scream lockdown again and nothing open, so unless your gonna need a passport to sit indoors again, passport totally pointless and totally needless.


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