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🤔 How an American Can Become a European Citizen 🌍 | Story Time

HOW CAN AN AMERICAN BECOME AN EU CITIZEN? My husband tells his story on how he (an American) became an EU citizen through ancestry! We take you through his journey of how he got a European passport and became a dual citizen!

The Polish lawyer we used: Michal J. Marciniak the email is office@polgenresearch.com

Which countries allow citizenship through decent?

More info country by country:

Useful links:

*We used ancestry.com to find some of the records*

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  1. I like your channel! I am in a similar situation. May I ask if you have to pay taxes in both countries? Oh sorry I meant in the time you lived in the netherlands and were registered there as self empoleyed.

  2. Hi,
    I'm a Nigeri in Africa.i have been trying to migrate to Europe,and qualify to study in Lithuania. and I applied for the EU blue program,and has been assess of my degree(BSC) and a Practicing Lawyer.The point is that been a lawyer it difficult to get a matching job,due to the different legal system.I know I can work outside my profession.Can you put me through on how to çome in into Europe before September Autumn intake 2020 that i applied for.

  3. I'm a dual EU & USA citizen by my birth in the states and my dads birth in Ireland. I also qualify through my grandparents from Italy. I have both passports.

  4. What do you do if you can’t find ancestry birth records? We hired a lawyer in Athens to find my mother’s grandparents birth certificate and she came back with negative feedbacks.

  5. Hmmmm…my grandparents are so mixed. My grandfather was Ukrainian (passed away in 2008) I know there is family in the Ukraine but not sure where or who they are unfortunately. My grandmother immigrated from Austria because she was living there as a “displaced people” her mother was Polish and her father was German. I do wish I could do this.

  6. I'm also an American trying to obtain EU citizenship through the ancestry of my German grandfather. I applied well over a year ago & still haven't gotten an answer after investing over hundreds of dollars as well. Has this happened to anyone else trying to obtain dual citizenship?


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