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How to get fast Cyprus Passport with Citizenship by Investment (2018)

► Find out a little-known (but legal) strategy with Cyprus Passport & Citizenship by Investment to move to Switzerland or UK as Non-EU Citizen ►Get your Swiss, UK residency within 3 months

It is close to impossible for Non-EU citizens to get a residence permit in the EU, for example to move to Switzerland, Norway or to the UK . The EU Immigration system is based on the dual system: EU citizens and Non-EU Citizens. Close to no chance for a Non-EU Citizen. However, I discovered a little-known and smart way for Non-EU nationals to move to Switzerland legally. The smart strategy is based on the combination of the Cyprus Passport based on the Citizenship by Investment Program and the Swiss Agreements in connection with the Freedom of movement and residence. Not only the billionaire and king of aluminium Oleg Deripaska did it. 3’300 wealthy clients from Russia, the Middle East and China are more than happy. Some of them remained in Cyprus but others went to Switzerland and to the UK immediately. This video shows how you can be a Swiss or a UK resident within 3 months. Stay tuned. Read more on our Blog ►

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  1. If you have questions in connection with the Cyprus Passport / Citizenship by Investment, please write this question or post a comment in the comment section. I will answer all of your questions within 48 hours.

    If you have a private and confidential question, grab your mobile phone now and dial +41 44 212 44 04.

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  3. My father (now deceased, RIP) had duel citizenship in the UK / USA because his parents were british, etc. He had 2 passports. Out of curiosity, if a USA citizen were to obtain the Cypriot EU passport, would the USA citizenship be forfeit? Or not?


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