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How To Become A European Citizen As an American (in 3 months)

Check the update on all 4 existing Citizenship by Investment programs (Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Austria) with EU Passport.
That’s the easiest and fastest way to become a European Citizen with an EU Passport.
The update considers the European Union Passports only.

The 2 most prestigious programs in Malta and Cyprus have been suspended/cancelled at least for the current year 2020, just a few weeks ago.

And now comes the best part:

I’ll show you a unique opportunity that practically nobody knows.
This unknown citizenship program shows you how to get EU citizenship within 3 months only, especially if you are an American citizen.

The official name: “Latvia Exile Program”

The official link of the Government of Latvia

The procedure will take 3 to 5 months. The European Passport can be picked up at the Latvian Embassy or Consulate at your place of residence.

Who should do the Eligibility Check?

The EU Passport Program is super-perfect for American Citizens with a Russian or East European family name (Poland, Serbia, Romania and more).
The program is accessible to all applicants having ancestors who lived in the Russian Empire, Soviet Union and border nations of the Soviet Union.
Due to historical events, the borders were changing very frequently.

You can qualify if you have Jewish ancestors or ancestors who have been captured as prisoners of war on both sides (Russian or German).
You qualify if your ancestors have been deported in Gulag Camps. There are many deportation lists.

Keep in mind: Josef Stalin, for example, deported 20% to 30% of the population!!!!
Deportations happened also during the Russian Empire before WWI.

You also qualify if one of your ancestors has been displaced by the Soviet Regime.

We offer our Eligibility Check: Free of Charge.

For starting the Eligibility Check we need. Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates and Death Certificates as far back as possible.

For illustration purposes, we integrated the following pictures, links and pdf.

0:00 Start

01:30 The results discovered by undercover reporters from Aljazeera’s

03:04 Will the European Union stop the Citizenship by Investment program in Cyprus forever?

06:38 What benefits offer the Latvian Exile Program?

10:04 How many generations involve the family history of an average applicant?

11:50 How much cost the European Passport?

13:26 Since when archive information of the former Soviet Union is accessible?

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  1. Hallo Herr Caputo. On your website you say that there are "Approximately 200 new luxurious apartments with additional services are being created exclusively for our international clientele in Campione d’Italia.", would you please be able to provide further information regarding these properties?
    I may have a requirement for a new tax residence next year.
    Kind regards

  2. Thank you so much. I have my Grandparents papers with Birth and Death certificates, and immigration to US They immigrated from Messina Sicily, before 1940. I am so glad I can do this with your help, Grazie Mr. Caputo. I can get dual citizenship.


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