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Finally Great News For My Green Card!

received notice from USCIS for my green card and it’s not a scam this time!
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  1. Congras with CG with conditional for 2 years since you married a US Citizen. You still be scheduled for another interview after 2 years along with your wife.

  2. How can you get your ead so quickly? isn't there a long line for GC from India for employment based or did you get through marriage? I am disappointed because I thought you believed in GC through employment or merit 🙁

  3. I may be sound rude but just because to married an American girl getting the green card with have been a cakewalk for you if their was no covid and there are lakhs of indians in usa hoping to get green card probably in 100 or 150 yrs🤯
    Anyways good luck to you 👍

  4. Very informative. My cousin lives in US and works for Apple. She applied for GC 7 years ago and still she has not got it! You are super lucky to have got an approval from USCIS so soon! Heartiest Congratulations 🙌


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