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Citizenship or Passport or Residency by Investment

An exhibition was held on 02 NOV 2017 in Abu Dhabi, UAE regarding Residency and Citizenship by investment is being attended by Mr. Satish K Bhargava, Director as well as Mr. Sanjeev Kaushal, Branch Head of Crown Immigration UAE, UAE in which more than 40 countries were participated those are giving direct residency or citizenship or passport by investment as well as by giving donation to the government and from Indian only Crown Immigration was invited by UAE government sponsored organized. Mr. Bhargava company director told that they have collected very important information regarding getting directly passport some of the countries in Caribbean countries like Grenada, Dominica, St Lucia, Antigua & Barbuda and St. Kitts in that countries any can give donation to the government of USD 1,00,000 or buy real estate or property having value of USD 2,20,000 or more and get direct citizenship passport with spouse and children having age of up to 30 and also parents also can accompany years even after five years also sell the property and get refund their money even they will give passports within 3 months without going to any respective countries. After getting passports they investor can travel more than 130 countries like all EU countries, UK, South American countries, Singapore and much more. Moreover, some of the European countries are also giving residency permit like Austria, Germany, Hungary, Malta, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Montenegro, the UK by investment Euro 50,000 to 2 million. Even Mr. Bhargava also interrogated with the govt agencies as well as embassies of some of the countries those participated and get very fruitful information from them. Even some he also interacted with the US Regional Centre regarding investment in USA government projects for getting Green Card by putting an investment of USD 5,00,000. In the above exhibition, above company gain international knowledge for getting direct passports by putting investment. Even all the above program was recorded by the company and shared on their channel i.e. Crown Immigration YouTube Channel and anyone can get information on above countries by visiting on his or her above channel.
More information – +91-8888018801, Whatsapps +919780563753, +919780069402.


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