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Sharron talks SEX in the DR!! | Traveling Solo in the Dominican Republic

What’s it like for a mature single woman traveling in a foreign country? Hear what Las Terrenas visitor Sharron has to say about propositions and more. Full interview lost all audio, sadly. If I do a follow-up interview with Sharron, I’ll be sure to post it. Click the bell icon to be notified of new uploads.
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  1. i was born in the USA and live in NY make over six figures and i would had been or would be so lucky to wake up to sharon and make her breakfast at that age even when i was 19 and now at 55

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  3. a few weeks ago i'm having dinner with some friends in miami and one asked why i was single and i said it's hard for me to find single women in my age range of 50 in america. one said go to their home country of dominican republic but a women in her 50's is to old for me and that i will easily find a nice women in her late 20's or younger that would marry me on site lolol. i laughed a at the offer but now i'm thinking maybe she had a point lol.

  4. They do hold white people in higher esteem as she mentioned. They are genetically more Haitian but value Europe more and European features. = They prefer white.

  5. I once had an uncommitted affair with a woman that stole my heart and shattered it from loving any other woman the same as I did her. She/Free Island Girl looks just like Nina would look some 40 years later.


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