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Sephardic Portuguese Citizenship Application and my Portuguese Jewish Ancestors (VLOG #5)

In this video I discuss the Sephardic Portuguese Citizenship Application project, which I mentioned in previous videos. This project is a sourced document tracing my cousin and I’s shared Sephardic ancestry back to Portugal. I have been building the document using the Genealogical Standard Proof, which gives credibility to the conclusions made in the document. I talk about some of the specific Sephardic families we descend from who were kicked out of Portugal in the Inquisition.

The first family is the de Castro Tartas family from Bragança, Portugal. My 9th great grandmother is Esther de Castro Tartas and she married a man name Jacob Querido. Esther was born in France along with her siblings but her father came from Portugal. In Portugal they were Conversos which meant they pretended to be Catholic while secretly holding onto the Jewish faith. From France the family moved to Amsterdam and then Isaac de Castro Tartas, brother of Esther, went to Brazil to further his studies. He went to the capital of Brazil where he was recognized as a Jew and arrested. He was sent to Portugal where he kept true to his faith and was eventually sentenced to death along with 5 other men. As he was burned alive he recited the Shema which could be heard through the flames. His words were repeated for years after his death by the community of Lisbon and Isaac was considered a martyr of the Inquisition.

The second family is the Belmont-Belmonte family. I have three separate lines of descent from this family that all trace back to Portugal. Two of the lines trace back to Jacob Israel Belmonte who went by the alias of Diogo Nunez Belmonte while in Portugal. Jacob was born in the 1570s and immigrated to Amsterdam in the early 1600s, eventually becoming one of the wealthiest men in Amsterdam. He helped found the Beth Haim cemetery in Ouderkerk and is considered one of the founders of the Portuguese Jewish community in Amsterdam. The third line from the Belmonte family descends from Don Iago Sampayo y Belmonte, who is possibly the grandfather of Jacob Israel Belmonte but it has not been proven. Don Iago’s father is Lopo Vaz de Sampaio who was the Governador de India from 1526 to 1529. He fought for the Portuguese crown and helped capture Fort Mahim in 1529.

Vlog #5

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  1. Hi that was fascinating. I have just started building my family tree and I believe my fathers family Aelion from Salonika comes from portuguese conversos I did DNA test on ftdna and found some matches on that name/ there is work done on family tree but could not connect yet my branch of the family to other branches. i wrote to the jewish archive of Salonika waiting for an answer,

  2. My Portuguese Sephardic Jewish ancestor (Branca Dias) was also caught and imprisoned by the Inquisition in Brazil. Several of my relatives are currently applying for Portuguese citizenship via this route.

  3. Come home to Israel brother.. it’s our land of the Jews .
    I’m an Australian Jew made Aliyah this year . DNA has allowed me to find amazing things . I’m incidentally related to Elizabeth the First of England she was my 2nd cousin 13 times removed.

  4. can you tell something about Paradesi Jews and their ansestory please, i am from India with last pardeshi and looking for past of portugese or spain. Pardesi refers to foreigners since they cam from foriegn and resided in india

  5. Whoa, I was surprised to find this Portuguese connection in my overwhelmingly Anglo-Saxon family and the surprises just keep coming.  Your video is amazing and interesting too.  I think we are related, if I stumbled correctly onto this line in Ancestry.com.

  6. Hi! You probably already know this, but since you didn't mention it, I'm gonna say it, so I can be sure that you are aware of all the information that there is out there. In the website Geneall, which is a big data base when it comes to portuguese genealogy, there's a profile page for Lopo Vaz de Sampaio (https://geneall.net/en/name/49151/lopo-vaz-de-sampaio-governor-of-india/), where it states he's a descendant of the high aristocracy of medieval Portugal, being him a descendant of King Afonso III of Portugal through his bastard son Martim Afonso Chichorro, what makes him a descendant of the first king of Portugal. The sources that the website presents are "Nobiliário das Famílias de Portugal ", which is probably one of the most important portuguese nobiliaries and the book "Tratado de Todos os Vice-Reis e Governadores da Índia". If you want to know in detail the tree that the website presents for Lopo Vaz de Sampaio, please say something. It would be an honor to help you. The website requires a paid subscription, but since I have paid the subscription I can help you with the information that it's there. But most probably you already know everything I'm talking about. 🙂

  7. Did you use dna to get to the 8th, 9th generation or do you have birth, marriage and death certificates documenting every linking generation all the way to it and then using common literature of the 16 century cases shared by the entire clan. (I can trace 7 generations until the Portuguese ancestors close to Spanish borders by family memoirs and getting the births and death certificates, Portugal only gives citizenship to the 4th genetarion by ancestry, if my DNA shows Sephardic, I would like to get the 2 passports, I speak both languages, I'm a Brazilian living in the US for decades, I have no interest in working in Europe, but buying property and retiring to the Mediterranean maybe, and leaving my kids with 4 passports and more family origins' history.)

  8. The information you have is incredible and your family's story is incredible too! I am trying to do this for my own family to obtain citizenship. Where did you get all of your information? I don't even know where to start!


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