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How The Green Card Lottery Actually Works | CNBC

Here’s the breakdown of how the diversity visa program or green card lottery actually works.
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How The Green Card Lottery Actually Works | CNBC


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  3. They pick the worst? Lmao, boy, people enter voluntarily and then they RANDOMLY win, shut the hell up, you can't even form a sentence correctly to make your point.

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  5. Please, I want an answer from the people who won the green card (I want to know what is the secret of winning the green card because I have applied for it for more than 7 years before and there is no victory. If what is the secret, please advise me, because I want to get it badly because my financial condition in my country is not Feasible and I want to immigrate quickly. Please tell me what is the secret behind winning the green card

  6. We have a saying in Iraq (your fingers are not all the same)
    This is the sixth year for which I submitted a lottery request. Until now, I am still dreaming of getting a credit card

  7. Usa goverment and CIA need only terrorist from Samali, and from near east but not very high qualification people WITH ENGINEER AND IT EDUCATION. ONLY WORK SLAVE FOR MINIMAL WAGE. HA HA HA. 55000 GREEN CARD. ITS REAL SPITTING. PEOPLE ON WELFARE and terrorists it's great politician situation for straight moves in freedom and independence USA. ALAH AGBAR))))

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  9. So someone from another country is able to gamble his/her luck to get a visa instead of someone who has live a decade+ who’s a tax payer and the only life style they know is Americanized 🤔 that mess up if u ask me

  10. I'd love to win a Green Card. I'm 20 years old, with only high school diploma. I've always dreamed of living in the United States. I've been researching my options, and unfortunately, the DV-Lottery is my only option to get to the United States…

  11. Ohhhh so now you want to be more like the uk and Australia and do a point system? But waittt that’s unfairrrrrr some people can’t get an education and all that bs, make up ur kind


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