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Asian migrants favor Portugal | Business

Asian migrants are choosing to settle in Portugal in order to obtain an EU passport. Some move on to other EU members afterwards.
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  1. It's not hard to learn a Romance language or Latin-derived language if you are fluent in Hindi, as Sanskrit and Latin have many things common including many words and the use of gender before nouns.

  2. This deserting of Portuguese is doing to a mass immigration from young population to other countries, if we are out don't see why they cannot feel the gaps. The problem with Portugal is catastrophic in near future and the government don't seem to get it. The Portuguese that settle outside will never coming back like me and the foreign in there is short time until they get papers then move out too. Government has to imposing them to speak the language for then inserted into the Portuguese community that way to developed they skills and stay there.it is costly but in long term the second generation if those foreigners will bring prosperity

  3. Portugal should become an Asian province. It has a declining population, and filled with nothing but old people. In
    2100, Portugal will be owned by either Brazilians or Indians or North Africans.

  4. Indians first make india as population hub now indians next target is europe , america and australia ! If they would had loved india , they haven't just flew away from india instead of they should try to help making india as good as europe !

  5. Anyone who's willing to work, pay taxes and obey the law is welcome. All human beings have the right to pursue happiness. Furthermore, rural areas are loosing populations too rapidly and that's bad for several reasons. More taxpayers, more production, more wealth for everyone.

  6. Please stop calling them “Asians.” They are Middle Eastern. They don’t even consider themselves Asians. It’s the stupid European cartographers of old that outlined this huge continent stretching from Papua New Guinea to the Mediterranean. In this definition, Israel is an Asian country. It’s so stupid and rather ignorant and getting on the nerves of real “Asians.”


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