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5 Easiest Countries to immigrate to and GET Citizenship 2020

These countries have low costs and minimum requirements for obtaining citizenship. If you want citizenship in a foreign country without high costs and hassles, consider moving to one of the following nations.


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  1. Peru creates problems for applicants seeking citizenship. Singapore has increased its bureaucracy to citizenship for 17 yrs and especially the last 7 yrs. They more so want young generations who r going to hav kids in Singapore and do not need anyone who will qualify for citizenship.

  2. These are not the best options. Check Panama, Ecuador, Paraguay, Nicaragua, and Bolivia for a start. Even Mexico is easier than the places in this video. Too funny….did you notice The Dominican Republic requires over $200,000. to be paid as a requirement? Thumbs down, and never again.

  3. This is perfect for all North Korea defectors. This is something must be done if Singapore attempts a rescue mission helping all North Korean escapees come to Singapore.

  4. Getting visa really entails a lot of things
    But thanks to Hack_Fabz on IG for helping me to get my schengen visa to Germany after series of denial..
    He can help you as well try him..

  5. Info inaccurate. U do not obtain permanent residence in Singapore when u marry their citizens. All subject to govt approval. Many locals married forreigners their spouse residency as Pr refused. Only if it benefit the economy. Granted to high net worth n high academic personnels only.


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