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The hidden way to buy a Swiss Residence Permit as Non-EU Citizen (2018)

► Find out a little-known (but legal) strategy to buy Swiss residence as Non-EU Citizen ►Get your Swiss residency within 3 months ►

As a Non-EU Citizen, it is close to impossible to get a Swiss residence permit and move to Switzerland. The Swiss Immigration system is based on the dual system: EU Citizens and Non-EU Citizens. Close to no chance for a Non-EU Citizen. However, I discovered a little-known and smart way for Non-EU nationals to move to Switzerland legally. My clients from Russia, the Middle East and China are more than happy with my elegant solution. You can be a Swiss resident within 3 months. Stay tuned.
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  2. Is there a way to get financial aid or sponsorship being a student? I am waiting for the results of my application but in case of being admitted I'll need to ask for a visa and I do not have the big amount of money the Swiss government ask for it 🙁

  3. how about coming to switzerland as Erasmus student and doing the thesis and internship and then get a job how long does it take for getting residence permit ?

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  7. Hi, sir I am from pakistan and also have a italian documents (permesso di seggiorno) . Two year before I make a Gmbh (company) and invested in two restaurants (on rent) under this company and nearly 12 employees are work in my restaurant , can I will get any resident permit ( L or B) on this base.please advice me . my number only message on whatsup 0779766248. Thankx

  8. I am 19 and British and I want to move to Switzerland and work there, what jobs are available and what skills and experience and qualifications are required, right now I have only got a business administration level 1 working towards level 2 but i was set back due to Covid-19, what or qualifications should I work towards and get my goal is to get as many qualifications as possible, but I don’t which ones would help me get a job is Switzerland what should I do?

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  10. i am thinking to move to switzerland in 2022 and if I invest a cyprus passport how many months or years will it take to get the citizenship ?

  11. My profile: 56 year old US citizen (born in Switzerland, lived in US nearly all my life) seeking Swiss passport, for ease of travel and insurance against future local instability. My mother is Swiss and has lived in US for same time, maintains ties with relatives in Switzerland. Is there a viable path for obtaining a passport while living abroad?

  12. Hey, i'm born in Belgium and have a Belgian passport. I want to live in Switzerland and have a swiss passport. I can speak dutch, german and french. How long wil it take to get a swiss passport?


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