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NEW British Passport 2021 unboxing is it Blue or Black?

Unpacking/Unboxing video of the All New British Passport in shade of blue.

Is it BLACK or BLUE ?? Comment below I would love to know what you guys think.

The back cover of the new passports now feature embossed floral emblems of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Returning to the “iconic” blue and gold design.

The new passport is the most technologically advanced British passport ever, with a raft of new and updated security features, including a hard-wearing, super-strength polycarbonate data page, which contains innovative technologies embedded into the document, to keep personal data secure.

It also includes the latest and most secure printing and design techniques, which means it offers better protection against identity theft and fraud and will be even harder to forge.

The blue cover is a return to the original appearance of the British passport, with the colour first used in 1921.

It remained the colour of choice until the UK joined the EU when a change to burgundy was agreed and adopted.

All British passports will continue to be personalised with the holder’s personal details and photograph in the United Kingdom, ensuring no personal data leaves the country.

Standard passports will continue to contain 34 pages. Frequent traveller ‘Jumbo’ passports will now contain 54 pages.

Those with valid, burgundy passports can continue to use their passport for travel until it expires.

Apply for your new passport at GOV.UK link below:


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  1. It’s so classic combination of navy and gold it’s beautiful can’t wait to get mine I wish they had made it like the very first hard covered version which I still have and my 20 year old self in it lovely to keep 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  2. It's black, I've put mine next to a shed load of black things and a shit load of blue things and it compares with the black stuff. It's BLACK……………………. and printed abroad.

  3. I wonder what colours Scotland & Wales will choose after independence, maybe a lighter blue for Scotland & bright red for Wales as opposed to England's dark blue & the the EU's burgandy. Unless of course we decide to rejoin the EU, but then again every EU country has always had the right to choose the colour of their passports, burgandy has never been compulsory but most EU countries opted to go for the same unifying colour & went for burgandy.

  4. What you Need to do with that sticky barcode is stick it on your official form then you know how to replace your lost passport….this bloke just screwed it up….dont do that..

  5. The nostalgia for this colour is unfathomable. The burgundy passports look so much better. Why couldn't they just have removed the words European Union from the top and been done with it?

  6. Anyone thinks that's blue is colour blind. Ordered mine [renewal] about a week ago through the Post Office. Couldn't do it online because don't have anyone to countersign. Old one still in perfect condition but expired too long ago sp needed a countersignatory. But, if it's not damaged or lost you can send it through post office without a referee. Cost £85 and £6 for next day delivery. They sent a text telling me when l should receive it.

  7. The following certainly seems like a step backwards with the new British passport:
    1. Time left on your old passport can no longer be added to your new passport, supposedly to comply with “international standards”. Previously one could add up to 9 months of remaining time from your old UK passport onto your new one. So much for “taking back control” when a plain and simple concept (one that’s quintessentially British for being fair) is removed as it doesn’t meet foreign norms.
    2. One has to manually sign their passport when previously signatures were captured digitally and came printed on the identify page.
    3. Previously the identity page was seamlessly part of the passport and the same thickness as any other page. Now it is a thicker plastic page stitched into the binding of the booklet with an ugly end sticking out towards the end of the booklet.


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