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Greece residence 👉 How to obtain Greece Golden Visa by investment: advantages, cost & terms

✔ Greek residency by investment in real estate (Golden Visa Greece) –

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✔ Greece: Permanent residence by investment.
It is safe to say that Greece is offering the most affordable Golden Visa program in the EU. Foreign investors got the opportunity to exchange investment for a Greek ID-card in 2014. The cost of a Greek residence permit through investment is equivalent to the cost of a respectable apartment.

Fresh statistical data indicates that Greek golden visas are highly sought after. In 2017, the number of investors who obtained a residence permit grew by 40% compared to the previous year.

In this video, we’ll talk about the cost, the advantages and the timeframe of obtaining a Greek residency by investment also known as Golden Visa. We’ll also take you through the step-by-step procedure and tell you how many visas have been issued under the Greek Golden Visa Program.

0:23 – Cost of a Greek Golden Visa
1:43 – Current situation at the real estate market in Greece
2:33 – Advantages of a Greek residence permit
3:25 – Steps of applying for the Greek residency by real estate investment
4:02 – Things to know about Greek residency
4:38 – Number of approved applications


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  1. My advice to anyone considering residency or investment in Greece….buy a BBQ, set it next to a solid stone wall and beat your head to a pulp while you watch your money burn!
    It is far easier than enduring the ridiculous and offensive bureaucracy in Greek offices!!!

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  3. Hi i need help
    I'm 19 n indian . My father was PR of greece 10 years ago. But in 2012 he passed away there . Now my question is , is there any chance or any circumstance under which i can claim that PR or anything else that could happen with the fact of my father being PR of Greece. Just wanna know the truth. Please do let me know .

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  6. Im curious about all these Europian residency programs. While obtaining one do they issue you a passport if not how can I utilize the benefit of travelling visa free. Both from Portugal and Greece golden visa.


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