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Free visa countries on Gulf residency visa for Pakistani || UAE Visa benefits

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There are some countries who giving visa free entry on UAE or Gulf residency visa for Pakistani or every nationality like Azerbaijan Georgia Tunisia Bahrain Oman Mauritius Montenegro etc. But these countries has visa required from Pakistan.


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  1. Sameer vai mera UAE ka partner visa hai mujhe Bahrain Jana hai mai ek mahina hua uae Mai aaya hu
    Kya mai Bahrain ja sakta hu visa on arrival?
    Please mujhe bataye ga

  2. Don't go to Georgia, from UAE I went to Georgia and being a Pakistani passport holder they put me on a very long wait in the airport and then later they allowed me.
    After few months, my friends went and they had the same issue. They allow everyone to quickly pass through the immigration but only Pakistani they stop ✋ and put on waiting. I was so angry 😠 wasted my money 💰 in Georgia 🇬🇪. I went to 12 countries including Australia and UK and never faced this kind of insult 😑

  3. I have been to Georgia they don't ask questions to Indians only they scrutinised Pakistani because of overstay but visa entry is free for pakistani living in uae . Azerbaijan visa u can get by online website 20 dollar after 3 days easily and if you want instant visa or on arrival visa for 30 dollar .


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