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EB5 Green Card through Investment Full Details

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Disclaimer: I am not an immigration lawyer and all the information in this video is available on public domain. Your specific immigration issues should be discussed with an immigration attorney.
For Canada immigration: cic.gc.ca
US immigration: uscis.gov

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  2. Hii sir , I live in India ,my age is 35 and I have visiting visa until 2023.. how should I apply for EB5 ..should I do it from India or go to USA on B1 which I already have and apply it there.. please suggest

  3. We want to know Indian nurses visa approval? Will it take 10 years from now to get priority date?
    What is the difference between priority date and filing date?

  4. You have some wrong assumption –
    1) USCIS doesn’t care how much you earn as long as you have funds you can show source of
    2) You can only finance against an asset of equitable value, regular financing just doesn’t cut the slack

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