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E2 Investor Visa: what is the process to get it step by step ?, Immigration Lawyer in California

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E-2 visas are generally issued to treaty investors. Non-immigrants of the United States can be allowed to enter its territory if only he maintains significant investments with U.S. The volume of investment should be enough to justify the worth of investor to invest successfully in the United States. There are no mandatory limits on the amount of investment required.

An E-2 visa benefits applicants with a number of unique features. An E-2 visa enables applicants to live and stay temporarily in the United States. Initially, the E-2 visa is valid for two years, after which an extension can be granted based on the nature of the request. Any substantial change that affects the investments must meet E-2 visa requirements and be brought to the notice of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Dependents of E-2 visa holders are allowed to accompany the E-2 visa holder to the United States. Children who are under 21 years can study in any reputed institute of the United States, irrespective of student visa. The spouse of an E-2 visa holder is eligible for employment in any enterprise of the United States. However, spouses require necessary authorization for employment.


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  1. I have a question, please. If my money is already in a brokerage bank account in the US and in an online bank can I move my funds to the newly created C corp or LLC? Thank you very much. Plus, I want passive investment in a local approved regional center.

  2. Hey Mate I have a question about the e-2 visa. Let's say I apply for and get approved for an E-2 visa from Australia and My wife and I move to the USA for an extended time. Is there then a way to go about recoeving permanent residency? And is it any easier if we have done it this way. Other than the DV Lottery.

  3. Hola Jacob, me gustaría ponernos en contacto, tengo un plan de negocios el cual quiero desarrollar en USA, tengo mi visa B2 y quisiera invertir en Arizona, en realidad no me interesa la residencia indefinida, me interesa la facilidad de inversión y adquisición de bienes! saludos.

  4. How can this work for someone who wants to do online business within the USA, sell like on eBay or Amazon? You don't really need stock to start with it. So 100k seems really high. digital businesses are the new thing. So does a E2 apply for the digital business, because I see companies such as stripe making you pay 550 dollars to set up your own business within the U.S … Kind of skipping the E2 visa, then afterwards you get a ITIN as well as a EIN for your own business also you choose Delaware as a state.

  5. Hello Sir, thanks for the information. My question is if someone comes from India on a business visa and can they legally get married to the US citizen? Another question is , what happens if the business doesn't go well or they want to close the business ? Will the Business visa be still valid and allow that person to stay in the United States? Will the spouse (us citizen) would be legally affected or to take responsible for any legal issues connected with the spouse who came on business visa ? Please clarify. Thanks and appreciate your response. Regards

  6. Hello Jacobs, Thank you for your great videos. My question to you : I am in US under B2 visa. Under B2 visa, can I already open a business account in US and start my business ? My aim is to get E2 visa in the coming months. Thank you so much ?

  7. Hi !!
    I hope you will see my comment and respond to me. I'm from Tunisia and I have an e-commerce business that makes from 30k-50k every month and I want to move to us to start a new life I don't care if I need a new e-commerce business or not, just need an answer, please.
    can I move to us using an e2 visa program with an e-commerce business or not? (LLC not an individual entrepreneur )
    if yes let me contact you please?
    if no tell me what's the type of business I must invest in? I'm ready to pay any amount of money to move and thanks

  8. Hello, I have a couple questions, would this process work for a construction company planning to move from Canada to the United States? And how long does this process take?

  9. How long is the typical process from start to finish? An idea? Weeks? Months? Years? What if the E2 visa applicant is on a tourist Visa currently, and here wanting to purchase a current business to run?

  10. My Jordanian brother in law wants to apply for E2 visa, his wife got blocked from getting a visitor visa because on last 2001 she got her birth in USA but she didn’t overstayed. if her husband gets approved to get E2 visa can his wife get approve too? The husband has B1/B2 visa

  11. Very helpful video, thanks for the information.
    Q. If on an ESTA 90 day visa and I am approaching 90days before E2 is complete do I have to leave the USA?

  12. Hi, What if you are already in the U.S and have started your business (lease signed, bank account opened, etc) but you do not have any where near the minimum investment amount? Are you still eligible for this visa?

  13. Thank you, for this great video! Do i have to go back to my home country for the interview at the US embassy or could it be outside of my home country? Thank you!


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