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Dual citizenship for Europeans only, Le Pen says

After watching National Front leader Marine Le Pen being interviewed on France Deux on Thursday night many dual nationals in France are now worried they’ll be forced to give up one of their passports if she becomes president.

They listened as Le Pen outlined a policy where dual citizens from non-European countries would be forced to make a choice.

“I am against dual nationality outside Europe, so I ask to choose their nationality, that does not mean that if they do not choose French nationalit…

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  1. Respected Rahul Gandhiji, hv some good brains with you. In the citizenship issue, one of your people was arguing(repeated by Priyankaji) that you were born in India and hence you are an Indian citizen. Ok tell us Sir, your mother was born in Ital. Is she a Italian citizen ever. Citizenship cd be acquired if certain parameters are met. Some countries permit dual citizenship. Hence, Soniaji might be an Italian citizen by birth and an Indian citizen by marriage. Do you hold dual or single?. You can easily explain. Have some good advisers by your side. All the best.

  2. This will be more so of a problem for white South Americans. Brazil alone has the third largest white population in the world and is the second largest European community outside of Europe (USA is the first).

    This might work for some countries but in Latin countries that are very Roman Catholic the cultural proximity and attachment to Europe is to big and is inserted in the culture in such a way that soon enough if they keep throwing immigrants inside Italy and Germany will be easier to find a Italian or German in Brazil and Argentina than in Germany and Italy.

    Latin and Greek descend tend to be really in to their bond with Roman-Greek traditions.

    Someone might wave their Brit or French passport but I doubt the Portuguese, Spaniard or Italian descend wont make a fuss over their identities as they are a tropical version of their European counter parts.

  3. Idiotic woman and the people who follow her. France and other european countries slaved and colonized half the world and stole the recources and force those countries to remain in poverty for centuries in Africa that stoped to happen until the 1970!!! now you are crying for have migration that you created!! Nowdays Europe doesn´t have anymore the power to occupied other continents but to suport dictators as Gadafi and then desestabize that countrie once the dictator is not usefull for european (french) interesses.


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