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Don't come to live in Spain if…

Planning on moving to Spain to live? In this vlog I talk about some of the things that might put you off coming to live here, like the job market and salaries, having to learn Spanish, and corruption.

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  1. Does anyone know if its actually hard to get a job in spain, i want to study engineering in university and i am willing to learn spainish fluently and i would really like to live in spain!

  2. I prefer a scenic railway to a noisy, dirty autovía. You can’t even cross the road in some places. Countryside is destroyed to build more empty concrete boxes.

  3. about the civil servant thing & only allowing spanish people. their ancestors colonized my country so i have spanish dna so technically i’m a descendant . does that count 😂😂

  4. Hello, just came across this video and I thought- hey, I’m fluent in English and Spanish… could you point me to info/links on what the market for teaching English in Spain is like today? Any more vids on this topic on your sight or others you recommend?

    Thank you for your time.

  5. Had to be Australian!
    The Brits here live as if it's a british colony. Not everyone, but good percentage.
    Spain is great if you want a balanced quality of life and can setup your own business. Our kids need the bilingual skills and a view to the rest of europe if they want to thrive themselves.

  6. Look. The only way to have financial freedom and don't work for no one is open yuo own business. What ever is the business, working for any one won't take any body no where.

  7. Let's be honest – if you're under 65, your job and opportunity for you and your family should be at the forefront of your mind. Hence, Spain js really not a good choice for most people in that category. Everyone has a different situation, of course, but saying, "I'll go be unemployed or live a precarious life in Spain because I'm tired of the rain or I love flamenco" is beyond irresponsible. It's downright foolish.


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