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Changes to Portugal Golden Visa Program

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There are a few Golden Visa programs in the EU. The most attractive one is certainly Portugal because it leads to Portuguese citizenship.
You could also get a golden visa in Greece and Latvia but the path to citizenship is definitely much tougher.

Besides the ability to get a passport at one point, Portugal also offers non-habitual residency taxation, which is very appealing to many of our clients.

Recently they’ve made some changes to their Golden Visa Program, which are not so good.

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Author: Michael Rosmer

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  1. Can Anyone please confirm this: after Jan 2022, when new golden visa rules kick in, whether the Euro 280K option will still remain valid or not? I have read the original notification published by Portuguese govt regarding changes in GV rules from Jan 2022; it is silent on this, hence creating confusion. Because now practically they are saying, anyone who want a GV has to invest in the NUTSIII inland regions (or in the Islands, who are not NUTSIII), and the investment should be minimum Euro 500K (probably for 30year old property requiring renovation they'll reduce the threshold to 350K), so will the 280K option still remain valid after Jan 2022? Please, I want a 100% confirmed answer. Thank you very much in advance, it'll really help me.

  2. Thank you for the upload. Does anyone know whether Portugal has any intention of changing their Crypto capital gains tax laws or would it be safe to assume you could still move over there to take advance of the 0% Crypto CGT?

  3. man that's sad so you need to be rich to go there cause you need to invest money is there other way around? or not? my country going to bad right now the economic is going down day by day passing by my friend i need to move but i need some help how i can move with very low cost since i don't have alot of money??

  4. Hi There, I'm enjoying your informative videos. When they say coastal, are they including the entire coast, from South-West Algarve through Viano do Castelo, north of Porto? I plan to live close to the Peniche, in Atouguia da Baleia, in Ferrel or São Bernardino.

  5. Hi there!) very informative video! I have a question: I am thinking of getting golden visa but as its always money question, with my case I might be able to do so around 2024, do you think these programs will be still available or they will completely cancel them down? Thank u in advance! P.S. Just want to know the opinion of someone who knows about that aspect more than me

  6. Is it possible to join the golden visa program in Portugal as a EU-citizen as well? I’m asking because I have a EU-citizenship and read different things about who is allowed to do this program in Portugal. Thank you! 🙂

  7. why does my country sell itself to trash im glad they are stopping it they should of never allowed it from the beginning keep your hotels out of my country

  8. Here are the best things about Portugal:
    1 – Safety – no violence, no terrorism, no mass migration, political stability.
    2 – Great weather, great beaches
    3 – Welcoming country
    4 – National healthcare
    5 – Legal system works

  9. Residency permit is granted for one year and renewable for periods of 2 years. You need to spend 7 days in Portugal in the first year, and 14 days, consecutive or non-consecutive, in each of the subsequent periods of two years.

  10. I was afraid that they’ve canceled it 😂 Glad it’s still on! Great program for the right people, EU access is worth a lot. Combined with Portugal non habitual tax residency it’s a win win.

  11. The reason properties price rise so much in Lisbon and Porto was mainly because of cheap flights, Airbnb and excellent tourism product.
    Some properties in city center increased 5 fold in a 10 year time frame.

  12. That's not bad, I thought you might say they cancelled their program lol. You can't be sure with crazy EU. I actually heard that Lisbon property prices are overvalued anyway. So it wasn't good investment knowing that sooner or later govt will stop giving golden visas for investment in Lisbon (bubble pops?). Could you tell about their options for investing in private equity fund? (350k?) Also, I'm keen to hear about Malta Residency Visa Program (MRVP). I've heard their residency permit is granted for lifetime.


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