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My Portugal Residency Visa Updates and Live Q & A

Hey folks, in this live stream I am going to answer your questions and discuss the updates I’ve experienced when applying for my long stay visa. I will NOT go over how to apply for the visa. I created a detailed video that shows the steps I took here:

I will answer the questions I received from my email subscribers first. To get on my email list, join here:


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  1. Hi Cinnamon. My apologies if you have already answered this question. Was it required that you book/show a round trip ticket on you visa application, or was that a personal preference?

  2. You are hilarious live (I mean in a good way). It's actually entertaining to listen to you speaking and I hope one day to run into you in Portugal. Thanks for being so genuine and helpful! From Toronto, Canada.
    P.s. I don't think you are an introvert…

  3. I am a US citizen. I moved to PT in early 2017, Just after Orange moved to DC. About income/pensions/social security form the US, you still file and pay taxes in the US. I use an accountant in the US via email and e-file for this. Their are more forms due to living overseas so you need a pro who knows this. You have to file in Portugal as well, but you don't pay taxes on US income as PT doesn't double tax. US and PT have an agreement about that. Income requirements for non EU citizens is equal or greater than PT monthly minimum wage. That's around €600/month. You will need far more than that to live here however. If you are a non EU resident, you will have to buy private med insurance while living here as a permanent resident. You also have access to public health care. When your 4 month visa is expiring and you are going to SEF-immigration services for PT, to renew and get a residency card, you must bring proof of; residence in PT such as a rental contract or deed, 3/m of PT bank statements, proof of med insurance-ID card, 3/m proof of income, minimum of €30,000 savings, which can be indicated by bank statements- this is because PT wants proof that you won't run out of money and become dependent on PT social services. Remember, you haven't been paying into the system here all of your working life. You nee d to bring your passport- must have at least 6/m still valid before expiring and your most recent PT resident card if you are renewing permanent residency. I don't know how many times you can travel back to the US on a temp visa-4/m I think, it's been a while. I haven't been to the US since I moved here. I believe that with a permanent residence visa, you have to be in PT 183 days or more a year. Your permanent residence card is good for 1 year, the next issue is good for 2 years, the 3rd issue is good for 3 years. After that you can apply for citizenship. Their is more, but I am tired of typing. Oh, all of the requirements are worth it. PT is a good place to be. Everything is oright in Oeiras!

  4. I have heard different amounts for monthly income. Did you have a number they wanted you to make? The San Francisco office is closed, and if I understand correctly, if you live in the western states, you have to go to that office, not any other. Complete bummer as who knows when it will reopen.

  5. Can I travel there to purchase a golden visa property right now with a negative COVID test in preparation for moving there for my job? The move would be permanent. 🙏🏽

  6. To @Treu Star, do not mail anything using USPS in Atlanta. They are notorious for being one of the worst handled regional offices in the entire US. For something like a passport, I agree with Driven Spice and drop it off in person, after asking if you can fax photocopies instead. Otherwise pick FedEx or UPS with tracking. I repeat DO NOT use USPS in Atlanta for your PASSPORT!

  7. I think the "short stay visa" that someone referenced was a visa that allows travel around the Schengen countries for 3 months, not just Portugal, which would just require your passport.

  8. Hey Driven. Now for the bad news, this week in Chicago those idiots shot a 24 yr old Mail lady. Intentional or unintentional, we do not know. Last night in LA, a kid ambushed 2 cops and ran off. He looked like a teenager. You are not missing anything. If you can, don't come back. I actually found insurance for my mom ( she's 96) and to save money I can raise the deductible. I'm not ready yet. Next year, hopefully.

  9. For those interested in real estate, I’d suggest idealista (the app or website) to search for properties. They publish ads from multiple real estate companies. At least in Spain, there’s no equivalent to the “Multiple Listing Service”, so each real estate agency can only show you their own listings. Not sure how it is in Portugal!


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