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Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program (Is it worth the money?) 🇲🇪

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Today I’m talking about one of Europe’s most beautiful hidden gems – Montenegro. We are discussing their citizenship by investment program. What does it take to get Montenegro passport? Is it a good deal? Could potential EU membership justify the price?

At the moment Montenegrin citizens can travel to 124 countries and territories visa-free, which ranks Montenegrin passport 47th in terms of travel freedom according to the Henley passport index.

I’m going to discuss why you should (or shouldn’t) consider Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program in 2020.

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Author: Michael Rosmer

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  1. It is too much expensive. If any country give citizenship by investment by 150000 to 200000( as deposit only not as donation) its affordable. But 350000 Euros its not useful option. You are right . You may feel you lose your money. I appreciate you for giving useful information. Best Regards Ayesha

  2. My view on Montenegro :
    1. Residency by buying house (near 50k to 100k) is excellent (5 star)
    2. %9 of tax residency is very good (4 star)
    3. Citizenship is good (3 star)


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