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Green Card Vs Citizenship (Become a citizen or keep green card?)

GREEN CARD VS CITIZENSHIP (BECOME A CITIZEN OR KEEP GREEN CARD?) // Should you become a U.S. citizen? What’s the difference between green card and citizenship? What are the benefits of being a US citizen? This video will walk you through the pros and cons of a green card vs US citizenship. If you’re debating between a green card or citizenship, we will explain the benefits of US citizenship and highlight any disadvantages of US citizenship.



“What are the requirements for U.S. citizenship?”


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  1. Very good but #5 is I think wrong. You say "as a US citizen you can live abroad for long as you want without abandoning your green card." Unless things have changed since I became a citizen (20 years ago) you actually SURRENDER your green card the moment you become a citizen. I always thought it strange that you then have NOTHING to prove you are here legally unless you acquire a passport.

  2. I already have GC, eligible to apply for Citizenship next year.
    But I think I'll wait at least 5 to 10 years to see where US economy is heading. Doesn't look good to me…

  3. You say family re unification especially for spouses is a priority? As things are right now it is not established in fact. In the case of a long time married, yes a distinction should be made for those that have been married 5, 10, 20, 30 years or more and have already u.s. citizen children or adult children, clearly it is a bonafide marriage. In those cases, there is not a need for any interview at all. Many countries allow a spouse of their citizen to enter with a marriage certificate. The marriage is respected and the family is not distressed. There is no waiting or interview. It is an aknowledgement that their citizen has the right to abode with their spouse. If a background check is deemed necessary, I remind you that gun purchase background checks are instantaneous in many cases. All of those administrative barriers that are now present should not apply to u.s. citizens that have obviously a bonafide marriage with a non citizen. What is obvious? They have children together that are u.s. citizens! Hello? And they have been married many many years already . What are the administrative barriers for? It just wastes government time i.e. salaries, paperwork, needless computer records, etc. etc. etc. Time is money and gov. wastes a lot of it in these cases. Some of these very long time marriages, the non u.s. citizen already has been a LPR (long time permanent resident) for many years, has a u.s. issued marriage certificate from many years ago, and has been out of the u.s. more than a few years with their spouse, and simply want to return with their u.s. citizen spouses, children, and family, to their homeland, but noooooo, they have to go through the 'process' as if they had never been to the states, and don't have a bona fine marriage. So again, the distiction is if one has no u.s. citizen children and has not even been married a year or two. These cases may want to treat differently .

  4. I am SERIOUSLY considering to renounce to the american citizenship ( I am a dual citizen and ready to become an expat ).Too much shit going on in America at ALL levels , social , political and economical . And the worst is YET to come…… Time to "leave the premises" , as I like to say. Living in the US is no longer worth. To me at least….P.S. I am not willing to keep paying taxes even after I left AMerica .

  5. Two misnomers. Green Card holders can sponsor their spouses and unmarried children under 21 and that category is current-so in a way you can call it an immediate relative category. If the category is current there is no wait other then processing time. Second, if your birth country such as Canada has a social security agreement with the US, you can collect benefits in the US or Canada and you do not have to be a US citizen to do so. I ought to know, I am Canadian born but unlike many here from Canada who are simply not interested I decided to become a naturalized citizen in 1993. Hence I am dual.

  6. The blue passport is worthless, thousands are renouncing, look it up.
    Having a blue passport allows you to be kidnapped in foreign countries, be shunned by other nations, never be allowed to hold a foreign bank account while working and living in said foreign country. Be denied mortgages bank accounts and even made to close existing bank accounts.
    There are some countries that will not even allow you in, so much for being 'valuable'. these immigration lawyers are only out to take your money.
    Zero benefits for having a blue passport unless you are so desparate that you want to live in the US.
    Stop the big fat lie, having a blue passport means you become a periah, not some one that the world looks up to, those days died in the 1950's.

  7. I'm in a relationship, she's situated in US, what's gonna be the best route for us to eventually settle down? Which sort of visa to be selected

  8. I have a divorced step daughter. Over 21 can i bring her to the usa ? Or can my husband become a citizen and bring her here ? Hes held a green card for 20 years .how do we get her here?

  9. If my step daughters that I sponsored have become citizens, it's safe to assume I no longer have any responsibility for them, correct?
    If I divorced my resident wife and she has remarried, what is my sponsor relationship to her? We were married for 12 years, but she has not tried to become a citizen.

  10. Hello, I am a green card holder and have been married to a citizen for over 10 years now. Do you recommend for me to get a citizenship? Or what should I do? Thank you in advance

  11. envíelos de regreso a su propio país. el dinero de nuestros impuestos se usó 3 veces para entrenarlos a defender su propio país. no los queremos ni los necesitamos aquí. envíelos de regreso ahora.

  12. I was a green card holder for almost 20 years, being married to a citizen all these years. Three years ago wen my husband hired an attorney to write his will, it appeared that I have to be a citizen spouse, to be able to receive inheritance if this is a case. I also could not make my own will for our son. So yeah for he legal issues like this, otherwise I was fine with the GC

  13. Became on american citizen was a estressfull experience but wort it, after all expences and time, and work, it wort every penny and every sencond I invested on it. Nothing change on my daily routine but it change my life.

  14. Hi maneesha I have a question to ask I just got my US citizenship through naturalzation prosses, do I have to surrender my citizenship of India, can i still keep my Indian passport and visit India without apply any Indian visa. thanks


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