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Brexit: Brits to lose EU citizenship

The people of Britain have less than 15 hours left as citizens of the European Union.
Its 47-year membership of the bloc officially ends Friday night, at 23:00 GMT.
It will have until the end of the year to reach a deal on their future relationship.
Businesses in Europe are trying to ensure the United Kingdom does not run out of food.
Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee reports from Belgium.

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  1. However..An authoritative study by the Confederation of British Industry (remainers) reported the biggest surge in confidence on record among manufacturers, with companies planning to ramp- up investments.
    The CBI's report followed news earlier in the week of yet another fall in unemployment as the British jobs miracle continues.
    The jobless rate in the UK is at its lowest since 1974, while employment, at 33 million, is at its highest-ever level.

    Headed by a strong government and sustained by a dynamic economy, it is Britain that can look forward to the future with confidence, while the EU and its member states remain trapped in bureaucratic sclerosis, obsessed with regulation and welfare when much of the rest of the world is embracing commercial freedom.
    The alarmists of Project Fear predicted that this moment would be the cue for economic meltdown, yet just the opposite has happened.

    Andrew Gundlach, scion of one of Germany's most famous banking families, the Arnholds, and now President and co-CEO of Bleichroeder LLC. He is a shrewd man with a deep understanding of the geopolitical scene.
    Did he think the outlook is grim for post-Brexit Britain? He laughed at the question.
    'The whole point of Brexit was to align with the high growth of America and China and not low-growth Europe,' he said.

  2. Fear-mongering bull and not being of the Eu will brings the advantage of not being held accountable-to EU Laws if they slap high Taxes the Britain’s can do the same If Eu Blocks business Then Britain can do the Same the world is very Big and The EU is not the World ! Britain can get its produce from North Africa stimulating Africa’s Economy!!
    Africa is bigger than Europe!! 😂😂😂

  3. Tony Torres thank u , I appreciate yr analysis dear. It's US wants to disintegrate EU and culprit is British. It's only their proud three quarters(3/4) or (1/2) of world can use or hear English language. Let their arrogance not mislead them but whole of world we feed on Britain. Americans don't know hidden gender for Zionists


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