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The Easiest & Best Country to get a Residency in EU Schengen zone

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One country in the Schengen zone that I find interesting and often recommend to our clients is Portugal. Why do I think Portugal is an especially interesting place to set up a residency?
Well, there are many reasons for that- from taxes to opportunities to get a good passport at one point.
If you’re an entrepreneur you can certainly benefit in many ways from setting up your residency in Portugal.

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Author: Michael Rosmer

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  1. Hi Michael
    I stumbled on your videos and find it quite informative. I work in a multinational company here in Nigeria but I want to relocate to EU with my wife. With this video, I am interested in Portugal. How do I do that? How can you assist please?

    Under Immigration Act foreign investors may apply for residence permit in Latvia. In order to qualify for the residence permit one has to:
    1) invest Euros 50k or more in the share capital of a Latvian company, or
    2) purchase real estate in Latvia for min. 250k, or
    3) invest at least Euros 280k into subordinated capital of a Latvian bank for five years, or
    4) purchase Latvian government bonds of min. Euros 250k.
    Principal benefits:
    Spouse, children under 18, and dependents of the investor qualify under investor's application.
    Investor and his family members are allowed, but not obliged to live and work in Latvia.
    The residence permit allows visa-free travel to all Schengen Zone states.
    Latvia imposes no residency requirements on holders of Latvian residence permits.
    Applications for the residence permits are considered within 5-30 days depending on amount of application fee paid.

  3. I think you should perhaps relook at this solution – The immigration office in Portugal may now want to view bank statements to show that you actually lived within Portugal for the required months.

  4. Hi Michael, i just found you on YT. Great videos and info in your web, so u got a new subscriber. I have a question about the D7 visa. I am checking many options to get a residence permit abroad, combined with my online business and also with the chance to take out my mom from Venezuela. Yes, my passport is Venezuelan. I had been a digital nomad in the past 5 years and the Spain Non lucrative Visa was my first idea but the high taxes pushed me down, so now Portugal is an option. About requirements i think won't be a problem but my concern is about the taxes from foreign income. I am travel designer and also a kind of European holidays trips package organizer for people from all Latin America, so, my income come from different countries, from Mexico to Chile. Do you think i can qualify for a NHR Visa? If not, they will tax me for the foreign income at a normal rate right? Thanks in advance!!

  5. Great video. Nice office.
    I personally categorize residency programs into two categories:
    1. Right for residency: Like Portugal in which they won't force you to be physically there nor to be tax resident.
    2. Mandatory residency: Like Latvia, Slovakia and Czechia which you mentioned and they force you to be physical resident or tax resident.
    I think the time has come to make new words in the space for people to understand the nuances. What do you think about this Michael?

  6. God, this Schengen zone is such an amazing hack in EU. Freedom of movement gives you soooo much upside.
    Basically get the resideny in the easiest country and spend time wherever you want. Awesome! 😄

  7. 1. If you trade crypto, would it be qualified as self-employed income?
    2. Would you be taxed on it or tax exceptions only available for golden visa holders?
    3. What minimum number of days you have to stay in Portugal under self-employed visa?


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