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St. Lucia Citizenship by investment: Pros and cons

Let’s talk about St. Lucia Citizenship by investment program and what you can get from it.

St. Lucia offers 4 different ways to get your second passport, which is more than other economic citizenship programs out there.

The most common route most people take is making a donation, and currently St. Lucia has got the lowest price tag of $100,000 for a single person.

The real estate option is coming along, but it will take a while to set it up.

The third and interesting route to take to get St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment where you can put money in government bonds for 5 years, after which you get your money back.

As for finding out what the fourth option is all about, keep watching the video carefully.

Up until recently, this citizenship program was a bit more prohibitive when it comes to the net worth of an individual, but has since then changed course and lowered the criteria a bit.

What do you get as a citizen of St. Lucia?

Well, to start off, they’ve got some of the best beaches you can find, which are even rivaling the Cayman Islands in some aspects.

In terms of visa-free travel, you get a good reliable travel document, with which you get access to UK and Ireland, as well as to Schengen area, and most of South America.

If you’re a US citizen, St. Lucia second passport could be a good option for you, especially if you pair it with another good travel document.

To learn more about other Caribbean economic citizenship programs, check out this video:

This video is a part of “Caribbean citizenship by investment programs”, and you’ll definitely want to stay tuned for new videos we’ll be posting.


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  1. So does it sounds logical andrew to wire you $100000 plus other hidden fees otherwise is not required to meet in person or even have an interview with the immigration authorities

  2. Thankfully I can live there permanently if I want; UK citizen and permanent residence in Norway. But what I like about St Lucia in this regard is access to land ownership through family, which makes it a tantalising place to settle.

  3. What about if someone wanted to start a business there, i.e. a software company? Would they maybe look favorable at that and possibly offer citizenship? I don't have the funds to exercise those other options without breaking my nest egg and I'm in my 50's and my nest egg is all I have. Thanks to the dot com bubble in the 2000's and a broken partnership resulting in going bankrupt, it's been a long road to this point. But I've got a product and desire to start a software business with this product and would hire locals wherever I were to go. Want to leave California in the worst way but want fair weather to grow my veggies year round like how you can do here. (I'm plant based diet guy and it's important to me to grow my own food). I had considered moving to Puerto Rico but with the Covid b.s. I am no longer considering that option since lockdowns are worse in Puerto Rico than here in California.

  4. Thank you Andrew. I just listened to your interview with Robert Kyosaki on Rich Dad Radio and I’m devouring your content.
    Thanks again for your insight, it’s greatly appreciated.

  5. There are 4 large resorts that are going up in St Lucia currently. 2 Golf, 1 Horse and the other is 2 luxury hotels. There will be plenty of home / villias available within the next 3 years.

  6. Great video Andrew! Please can you also share the requirements to apply for this citizenship by investment and can you also recommend an agency that can help as well

  7. Apologize to comment on a year old video.
    Here's my humble opinion, Satin Lucia is a bit outrage on it's various rise, it is an avoidable option for CBI.

    Considering visa free, St.Lucia has more visa free than Commonwealth of Dominica, but it doesn't has free access to countries that deserves us for a summer visit, which are the countries that Dominica passport do has visa free access to them, countries like Serbia, Brazil and Uruguay; comparing them to Argentina and Chile, these two are massively crowed for tourism, natural beauty is relatively isolated by urban, of course not much, but I thinks, especially Uruguay and Serbia are better places to visit and easier for visitors to enjoys the local specialty. Honestly, then for the rest of other countries that St Lucia passport enjoys visa free entry, they are MOSTLY not places which people of CBI should feel free to visit them on Caribbean passport, some countries gives hardship to CBI personal of Caribbean passport, like my experience in Cambodia, the border inspection arrested me right away, he said he couldn't accept my Caribbean passport, I believes, this is also applicable to African countries which Saint -Lucia passport enjoys a visa free access. And about Taiwan, St Lucia abolished it's diplomatic connection with China to put Taiwan on instead, and hence exchange this visa free access with Taiwan, but come on, how many people really needs to visit Taiwan as their major spot? Especially for CBI personal, they probably look up more chances from China than in Taiwan, another scary fact is, China is likely going to hands on Taiwan for sure, this diplomatic connection with Taiwan was so useless from a predicable future perspective, and supposes that you really want to enjoy visa free to Taiwan because you look up to Taiwan more, then considers that, after China take over Taiwan, anyhow you won't be able to visit there on visa free access again, although it might be recovered, but chance is low, as St.Lucia volunteer to somehow "hostile" China, when Lucia government explained their move to linked with Taiwan, the official statement was sentimental, a kind a like "so what!" to China; hence, for visa free to Taiwan, on most of the western passport is enough.
    Comparing it to Commonwealth of Dominica, I find that Saint Lucia has an agenda of ideology making, a type of nationalist sentiment, it is just my intuitive feeling, not a fact that which I've observed to demonstrate it. Where for the rest of other CBI nations in Caribbean, you are meant to be a "free man", especially free from nationalist sentiment, and commonwealth of Dominica is the easiest and the cheapest one, hence I am in favor to Commonwealth of Dominica instead.

  8. Comment already published in st kitt video but as it's a general content concerning all locations and related person's interests, i publish it here too : Thanks for this video series still very focused on investment options. What really miss are minimum presence period obligation per year (mentioned only in the Antigua & Barbuda video if i remember well) and taxes if we have a real address in the choosed country (not necessarily to live in but for the purpose to have a tax residency to prove our first country we don't depend on him anymore for taxes). The thing is if we build a company in one of those countries (nevis for example), we have an address but does it drive to taxes then? Also, what are the pro and cons for someone to have an address and a company in the same country as generally it's adviced to split interests ? Can CBI program in one country and residency program in another could be a replacement solution? Appparently not for sport traders for example as a betting exchange platform (such as betdaq for example) will ask you both a residency proof and an id.
    These were just examples of basic question articulation about these programs and informations necessary for anyone having to choose a citizenship by investment program.


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