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MALTA Work Visa in Rs. 1,000,000?

Know the Malta work visa price.
Malta’s new work visa policy
Malta new visa policy:

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  1. ‏‎ﷺ ❤ םבםב❤ ﷺ
    ٱللَّـﮬـُمَّ صـَلِِّ وَسَلِّـمْ ؏َـلَے
    سَيِّدِنَـا مُحَمـَّدْ وَ ؏ـَلَے آلِـہِ
    وَ صَحْبِـہِ أَجْمَـ؏ـينْ ﷺ

  2. Dear Sir,

    Asslam o Aliqum, I am Perveiz Ali from Chiniot Pakistan. I like and love your informative videos. Specially your Love ❤️ for Muhammad and All e Muhammad. 

    I visited last June 2019 Turkey and now want to visit good developed country to make my passport history valued. If you suggest to go to any English or European country for permanent residence with work permit.

    Ya Ali Madad

    Thanks and Regards

    Perveiz Ali


    Perveiz Ali


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