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Let UK nationals keep EU citizenship, says London mayor Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan is urging the EU and the UK government to allow British people to remain EU citizens. …

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  1. What on earth? You want all the benefits of EU citizenship without any of the obligations? About as stupid as asking to move to a country and live tax-free while all your fellow residents have to pay tax.

  2. Sidique khan is a discrace for mayor of London regardin knife crime he has done nothing he should be working with the police to bring in stronger laws to prevent this continuing & more recently he should be even more ashamed that nine bus drivers hav lost there lives to Corona virus sidique khan has no common sense and no gut reaction he only goes by government and so called professionals he is a lame duck, if bus drivers had p.p.e( personal protection equipment) then these nine drivers could of been saved.
    Sadiq khan claims he is doing everything he can but this is a lie, the bare minimum these drivers should be issued with is a face mask and he has not even done that pathetic and shocking sidique khan should be fired emediatly.

  3. This man has failed so badly in his job the worst mayor in living memory if you and your fellow Muslim friends want to remain in Europe move there, sorry I forgot they don't want you what a pathetic little man he is he could not tell the truth if his life depended on it

  4. After ten years in another country, you have to ask yourselves are you Pro EU or are you Pro UK? I would have thought that after ten years then you have already made that decision.

  5. Great news! London mayor Sadiq Khan supports associate EU citizenship – and is using his trip to Brussels to push for it. Thank you Sadiq for your support and leadership, poll after poll shows the country is behind you on this:-))

  6. This is a job for a Prime Minister. Your job is to keep London moving. I was on a train this morning that was 19 minutes late, which is a failing on your part. Sort this mess before representing UK overseas.

  7. Khan, you are nothing but a nasty Traitore to UK..of course it's not going to work..he loves EU ? Khan, just go and live there, your not wanted in UK. Khan, you better get on with our great LONDON and make LONDON SAFE AGAIN !!! Do your job properly for once, you have no say in UK government's and it's people's decisions. Sort out the knife crime in Londanestan !!


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