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Top 13 places to move to for LOW or NO TAXES 2021

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It’s 2021 finally! The best time to plan to move to a country where you will pay LOW or NO TAXES at all.

Here is our list of countries that you should consider if you’re concerned about taxes. We included different countries, and there is something for everyone, whether you like tropical beaches or busy cities – we are sure that you will like at least one low tax country from our list.

From Malaysia to Panama, we included 13+ low (or no) tax countries that are worth considering.

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Author: Michael Rosmer

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  1. About Panama specifically and about possible taxes on foreign companies being centrally managed or controlled there. I notice Panama does not have a CFC provision. Yet I wonder if becoming a resident of Panama, and centrally managing a foreign company from within Panama, whether the foreign company would be subject to Panama corporate tax? I also wonder about this from a personal capital gains tax perspective on foreign owned stocks or securities, while a resident of Panama and making the investments from Panama albeit on stock exchanges abroad if that would be considered taxable capital gains? Your thoughts?

  2. I used to live in Slovenia it's a very nice country the only downside is the airport is very small so if you travel a lot might not be the best. there is also 0% capital gains tax on crypto in Slovenia. (for long-term investments)

    I live now in the Czech republic and Praugh there is only 15% tax here with exemptions that can be even lower. there are also no CFC rules for individuals.
    At the same time, it's very liveable and very connected. Very subjective of course but I think it offers some of the best lifestyle/tax ratio in Europe.

  3. Bulgaria is much better – with as just as 10 flat for everyone (big company, small company, micro company and even as individuals. ) simple is better. 5 percent is for dividend payments

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  5. but why dont you say how much taxes in each place? yo usay philipines.. but how much? and Spain?? are you kidding me??? seriously??? Spain is on eof the higher taxes in the world!!! i am from there!! seriously, spain??? hw much in cyprus?? you dont say it!! Andorra 0% is not true!!! you're lying, i moved form spain to Andorra and we pay 10% here!!

  6. Puerto Rico is a different animal. It is very stable. Is a US commonwealth. However most puerto ricans are very active in politics. Its in their blood. Do not pay attention to the vote to become a US state. Only US Congress can vote to make PR a state. Also if you are a resident there u don’t pay federal tax unless u work for Uncle Sam, because its a commonwealth. They squeeze federal taxes in other ways. It is broke so the US Congress appointed a committee to oversee the government spending until they pay their debts because PR does not qualify for bankruptcy law. Etc etc. there are some tax loopholes. The most recent one. If you are a medical doctor with in a specialty field (cardiologist, endocrinologist etc) you only pay 5% income tax ( this might change the new governor takes over on January 2nd, 2021). I lived and I went to college there so I am familiar with it. I dont live there anymore. Im not an expert so I am giving you my 5 cents of knowledge. Hope it helps. Also crime is high in the metro area. Not so much in the rest of the island. Including Vieques and Culebra islands.

  7. Of these, how many are countries with tax treaties with the US that would reduce the withholding tax on dividends paid to non resident aliens? One of the issues with investing in the US stock market is 30% withholding of tax on dividends paid to non residents aliens (so even if one renounces and gets a certificate of de-naturalization from Uncle Sam, the IRS still sink their claws in as they do with any foreign investor). I hear the go around is to use options only for us investments or to find a favorable tax treaty country that only get to endure a 15% withholding tax on dividends (allegedly illegal treaty shipping). Some have said this NR tax grab is one driver for stock but backs replacing dividends (NR aliens don’t like the tax withholding on dividends so companies who want those investors go to buybacks instead of dividends).


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