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The Truth about Caribbean Citizenship by Investment

Are programs of Caribbean citizenship by investment a good deal?

While many wealthy expats flock to the speed and convenience of such programs, some second passport seekers claim these “buy a passport” options feel “fake”.

Andrew discusses his personal experience in St. Lucia – and experiences of people he’s helped with St. Lucia, Dominica, Grenada, and St. Kitts and Nevis – and explains why economic citizenship should be considered by anyone seeking a fast passport.


Andrew Henderson is the world’s most sought-after consultant on legal offshore tax reduction, investment immigration, and global citizenship. He works exclusively with six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs and investors who want to “go where they’re treated best”.

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Andrew has spent the last 11 years studying and personally implementing the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle, and has started offshore companies, opened offshore bank accounts, obtained multiple second passports, and purchased real estate in a total of 20 countries.

He has also spent years creating a behavior-based system that helps people get the results they want faster and with less resistance. Andrew believes that everyone can use offshore strategies to keep more of their own money, live a life of freedom, and grow their wealth faster.

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DISCLAIMER: The information in this video should not be considered tax, financial, investment, or any kind of professional advice. Only a professional diagnosis of your specific situation can determine which strategies are appropriate for your needs. Nomad Capitalist can and does not provide advice unless/until engaged by you.


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  1. Thank you. I watched your lengthy explanation of renunciation and still do not understand your rationale. If it is tax avoidance, well here in Florida, we don’t pay State income tax. And, paying for residency permits involves payment in full up front versus down payment and 2% interest on balance of loan amount.

  2. hello, very useful information in this video
    I have a question, if I get passport of one of these countries, can I give the citizenship for my son or daughter who born after I got the citizenship?

  3. does those small countries that you mentioned allow dual citizenship? can anyone be a citizen in those carribean countries without even really living there? im from the philippines.

  4. Thank u Andrew , was expecting you to reach on few points like

    1. What will happentonthesw passports after brexit ?

    2. What guarantees that they will renew after 10 years without asking to donate again ?

    3. If Canada pulled out, would european think to follow later ?

    4. Do these passports have credibility to earn long Visa for US and CA for ex or it's just european and UK territory

  5. Even if not for business, I would renounce to the USA citizenship. You know you are cattle when you have to pay taxes the same if you dont live in the USA. Bullshit.

  6. Even for low income person who is just wanting to have a passport that can bring them visa free access to some hot spot destinations, Caribbean passport as a one time investment, it is a better choice than if you are sacrificing your life in bad weather places like Canada, there is compliance requirement for someone who is wanting to be naturalized as a Canadian, even prior to the stage of the "permanent residency", the money that you are going to spend in Canada will be a few percent higher than the amount of citizenship by investment in Caribbean. Unless you really like and enjoy to settle in a place where it will eventually also lead you to Tier A passport, for me, that is Portugal, otherwise, pay it once, get a good passport to enjoy your freedom. Having a second residency is helpful for those people who comes from countries like India which, doesn't recognizes dual citizenship, so that they can keep their dual citizenship.

  7. You don't pronounce any countries the way I do. But that's the thing about many Americans who aren't well-traveled. We butcher the names of foreign countries like nobody's business, because all we have to go on is how our teachers and new anchors say it, which is usually incorrect unless they come from that country.

  8. Best Caribbean citizenship is ST.KITTS and Nevis first ,because EU removes ST Kitts from tax haven blacklist ,secondly it offer better financial informations privacy for wealth people and and finally it is a tax heaven at the same time and the process of getting passport is very quick .I did deep research. And best European citizenship by investment is Latvia because it is already an Eu country and it offers cheaper investment options at 60k euros.

  9. I am from Canada and when we go across the border to the USA they do not treat us very well. We talked to a lot of Canadians and they feel the same way. ( this has been the last 5 years ) So much of our kissing cousin! And I have family living there.

  10. The Truth about Citizenship by Investment – Option Cash is minimum 100k donation + 35-50k in fees. Option Property on govt list minimum $400k + 20-30% UNMENTIONED purchase tax = $80-120k 'donation' in purchase taxes + monthly property association fees + rental income taxes up to 35%. Consider the cash only method if you don't want the property + TAXES.

  11. I'm reading 'Nomad Capitalist' book right now, a very interesting read and good addition to the knowledge presented in videos. Regarding Caribbean passports, one information in the book made me curious: "it is often better to start and complete the economic passport process before you leave your home country" in context of Dominica passport. I'd like to hear more detail about this limitations, and how to overcome them when already living in another country, as I didn't think there might be such complications.

  12. So it costs 100,000 USD to get Saint Lucia citizenship. But I still live in Europe, my company is in Europe, my wife and kids are in Europe. I cannot just disappear from Europe with my 20 employees. I have a mortgage in Europe, my kids have their school here, and above all, I also happen to love the place where I live, I am happy here. I pay in total 40% taxes or 193,000 EUR to be exact for 2017. But Caribbean passport will not help me reduce my tax rate.

  13. Hi Andrew
    If you paid to get a citizenship by investment, you and your spouse are eligable for passport,
    What if you got married after a few years after that for example ,will your spouse get the citizenship immediately like you have or will she have to get it by applying through you like sponsring her and she have to wait a few years.
    I am not asking for a spesific program.
    Thank you

  14. @4:39 "the idea that you're going to be treated better as a US Citizen…" Andrew….LOVE your videos…..but I'm not in complete agreement with you on this one……..Bottom line, it depends on the passport, it depends on where you're travelling, and it depends on how often you plan to travel to a particular country…..Lots of factors come into play…..I speak from experience, as someone born in the Caribbean and now a naturalized US citizen, and there is DEFINITELY a difference in how I'm treated when I travel using a US passport…and I know many respected business people from Caribbean islands sometimes have less-than-positive experiences because of negative stereotypes surrounding their country/passport they're carrying….so I think this is a valid concern.

    HOWEVER, for the purposes being discussed here….ie people are SPECIFICALLY looking at Tier 1 or Tier 2 pasports etc…I suspect the differences MAY be negligible as you stated….but not always. I think a LOT depends on where you're travelling to, and even the luck of the draw as to the specific immigration official you end up with……. Bottom line is, in spite of the fact that the St Lucian passport is a tier 2 passport, with visa-free travel to many countries,….Immigration officials are people too, and MAY have their own stereotypes of smaller/less developed countries…. So even though technically, there may be visa-free travel to Europe, it's not unheard of, to be have to jump through a few more hoops/questioned a little closer/get squinted at suspiciously <LOL>…..especially if you happen to be making multiple trips from the Caribbean(Caribbean passport) to Europe in a relatively short space of time, then you're suspected of nefarious conduct…..yeah eventually you're let in, but realistically it's NOT ALWAYS as smooth sailing as someone travelling with a US/Canadian passport.


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