Home Residency in Schengen How and why I got an IRISH PASSPORT (after Brexit)

How and why I got an IRISH PASSPORT (after Brexit)

In this video I talk about how I got an Irish passport after Brexit and the reasons I decided to do it. Let me know in the comments below if you got a second passport after Brexit and became a dual citizen, and if so why!

Irish passport applications boomed after the Brexit vote, with many people wanting to apply for Irish citizenship to stay part of the EU (European Union).

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  1. I'm doing this now for exactly the same reasons! Have filled out the form and got all the documents. I am European – part Irish, Luxembourgish and Lithuanian! Degree in French. For all I hate Brexit and how badly is was touted and handled, one good thing for me is it made me go and investigate my family tree. I feel like my Irish passport has saved me from being affected so much by the decision made predominantly by a load of sad old uneducated bastards!

  2. It really feels strange that some of my work colleagues in England now have better rights in Europe than I have. I'm delighted for them, but why is it acceptable for someone not born in Ireland to receive citizenship and be afforded all the benefits?

  3. And therin lies the utter nonsense of it all, purely because his grandparents were born in ireland, he gets the ability to travel freely whenever he wants, whereas i, who have spent years living and working in the EU (including a year in Eire) contributing to those countries when i was there cannot, and all because of a bunch of fucking anti immigrant imbociles, they have trashed my ability to live, love and work in the EU, i will never forgive the bastards

  4. I am from Northern Ireland whilst i see myself as British and Northern Irish i hold a UK and an Irish Passport for practical reasons we are lucky as we dont have to go through the process you do all i had to do was apply for the passport as i was obviously born on the island of Ireland

  5. cool video. im still considering irish national citizenship due to having a grand parent and eu rights would be nice. yeah i hear more are applying for passports after brexit but thats not stopping me.

  6. Eireannach..?..if it says that on your passport that word originates from Spain,Aragon actually..(see Flaithri Maolchonaire and Prince of Aragon manuscript)..it means you are recognized as a Spaniard and subject of the Spanish Crown,(see the Cadiz ruling on Irish merchants following Napoleon' failed invasion),the Spanish parliament doesn't recognize it however…weird right.?.. following the Irish Language Act in the UK recently that word is much scrutinized….Subject of two Crowns ,eh??…ouch!

  7. Well done. It's a strange fact that an Irish person living in the UK now has more rights than his UK neighbors. Freedom to live and work in the UK without any work permits or visa.
    Freedom to travel unlimited within the EU. Freedom to travel to work anywhere in the EU. These are but a few that comes to mind.

  8. Makes sense to get one, the EU are introducing ETIAS (like ESTA and eTA in the US & Canada) for non-eu citizenship in the next couple of years and having an Irish passport lowers the barriers for you. Neither of my passports (UK and Canada) exempt me from this.

    And you have no idea what the future has planned for you, always great to have options. I honestly planned on moving to Ireland when the referendum happened but my ties kept me here in Victoria BC for the time being.

  9. Thanks to the Irish football team needing players from around the world to play for the team they allow people to be eligible if the have an Irish grandparent Haha hence your eligibility lol.
    There is still freedom of movement for uk and Irish people between both countries so coming back to the Uk with an Irish passport will be no problem.
    Congratulations the more options the more opportunities ✌

  10. Remember to put your double citizenship in your CV, if you work in a field where you could be required to work in the EU.

    Welcome to EU citizenship as an Irish man.

    Yes, well, the Irish passport is what you want to travel on into the EU. If you travel on the UK passport, you'll be limited to the 90 days in 180 days rule. You travel on the Irish passport, you will have no limitations, no long queues and questions about why are you coming to the EU.

    However, because you do not live in Ireland you may not benefit from the EHIC card after your current one expires. That is, you may need to get travel insurance.

  11. As regards flying into European Union from U K you will be fast tracked with unlimited stay with Irish passport. Unlike those with U K passports who will have to queue up to be quizzed and an expiry date stamped on their Blue passport. They must leave by that date 90 days or else break law.
    But, you will still go through customs as you have flown from U K.
    On your return if travelling on U K passport the reverse of above will happen. Except no leave by date on Irish passport if that is presented to U K immigration

  12. Congrats on getting a 2nd passport. One of the guys I work with recently got an Italian passport through his grandparents (both he and his parents are American born) and he was very excited about it. No worries about potential complications of having two passports (unless Ireland has something call double taxation, like the US does, meaning you have to pay tax to that country even if you don't live there, but that's for another discussion). In terms of travel with more than 1 passport, the simple rule is using the passport from whichever country the passport is issued, when you going through that country's passport control. For example, when you fly from London to Madrid, always use your British passport to exit the UK in London (because you're a British citizen) and use your Irish/EU passport when you enter Spain or any other EU countries (because you also hold an EU passport). Do the same on the way back, use Irish/EU passport to exit Spain and British passport to enter the UK. When you travel to another non-EU country, this rule won't apply. It will depend on the actual visa rules that country has for each of your passports. Sometimes one country may require visa for one passport but not the other. If they require (or not) visa for both, then sometimes the costs and actual conditions of stay might be slightly different. So when going to a 3rd country, use whatever makes it easier for you.

  13. Going to Europe on a British passport will start the countdown of 90 days within a 180 day period. You need a visa to stay more than 90 days now. That's why I 'took back control' and got my Irish passport. Easy for me as I qualified on 2 counts.

  14. £200-300 is a LOT OF MONEY for freedom?
    Well done nevertheless.
    We are French??. Always travel on your Irish passport. QED.
    We will travel into UK for a weekend on our British passports, and travel back on our French passports. Only 32 years in France.. 60 next month so can't remember Engerlund, because we left in 1986.

  15. I don’t accept the vote and you shouldn’t either. Most British people are not as lucky as you. You need to make sure that you vote for a pro EU party at the next general election so we can rejoin the EU.

  16. Definitely use your Irish passport travelling through Europe because there will be separate queues for non EU citizen’s and I’m Irish to btw ?? also you’re European health insurance card you’ll still get to keep that to


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