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EU leaders agree to introduce COVID-19 vaccine passports | DW News

The European Union has agreed to develop a COVID-19 vaccine passport that could ease border crossings, and allow people more freedom to travel again. EU leaders met for a virtual summit to discuss coordination. They’re already under pressure over a lagging vaccine rollout. German Chancellor Angela Merkel says it will be at least three months before a vaccine passport system is up and running.With slow vaccinations, coronavirus Variants , border chaos and summer holidays at risk – there was no shortage of talking points at this virtual EU summit.During a four hour video call leaders tried to find a united way forward in the fight against the pandemic. The pressure is intense, concerns can’t just be waved aside with the EU lagging behind on vaccination numbers and new variants spreading rapidly across the continent.Apart from ramping up vaccine manufacturing and easing production bottlenecks the EU will put more energy into detecting these more contagious and dangerous mutations through a dedicated program. With spring on its way tourism has made it back to the agenda. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis was one of the first leaders to call for an EU-wide vaccination certificate in an attempt to ease travel restrictions and save the summer holiday season. That’s something all leaders could get behind. But how and when exactly this – vaccine passport – could be rolled out is uncertain. But for the moment, member states have agreed that tourism and all non-essential travel is not an option.


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  1. Pfizer vaccine reduces the "relative risk" of SARS-CoV-2 infection by
    95.1% and the Moderna vaccine reduces the risk by 94.1%, However, what
    is not reported in the press or in the clinical trial documents is the
    absolute risk reduction. This is only 0.7% (that’s seven-tenths of one
    percent) for the Pfizer vaccine, and 1.1% for the Moderna vaccine. These
    numbers are the most important numbers to consider when determining how
    much the vaccine will actually reduce your risk of infection. Relative
    Risk Reduction figures are intended for use in comparing an overall
    summary of "one trial" with "other trials" to determine which is more
    efficacious; Relative Risk Reduction figures are not intended for direct
    clinical and public health applications.

  2. What could go wrong?! Allow governments to dictate what injections you must have in order to be free. Jesus Christ STOP these psychos from destroying civilization forever. This will just get wore year by year until you'll need 20 RNA injections per year to go to the pub. This is fascistic and obviously wrong.

  3. This is where all of this is heading…….Revelation 13 "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."

  4. 2020: Anyone claiming there will be a vaccination passport is a conspiracy theorist and their dangerous misinformation must be stopped.
    2021:Anyone opposed to a vaccination passport is a conspiracy theorist and their dangerous misinformation must be stopped.

  5. Regarding so-called health passport for travelling abroad, it is pretty coherent we do not require extensive investment in this project it is pretty apparent been designed to eavesdrop on ordinary international and domestic travellers in the next few years. There is an easy solution to this matter and cost-effective. Any clinic or hospital that providing the vaccine should have the legal responsibility to advise the following department by electronic Means regarding the vaccination. E.g., the Department of immigration, airport facility for exiting and entering the country; once the passengers arrive at the airport and ready for departure at the gate, the immigration staff at the gate could use something like an exit visa stamp in the passenger passport to indicate that the passenger has received the required dosage of the vaccine according to requirement. Other than that, the international community, particularly few countries they may have a sinister intention by pushing for this process of so-called “health passport.”

  6. Anyone who still believes that this "pandemic" and the restrictions that have come from to "protect" us are is 100% legit is a fool. With every day that passes they saying it plainly that it is about control… And their manufactured fear and paranoia has blinded many of you to go along like mindless sheep without saying a word. WAKE UP!

  7. Vaccine passports – EXCELLENT IDEA!!! As our multinational government says: 'BUILD BACK BETTER' – finally some sanity. Facial scans would be the BEST!! This is the only way to get back to normal! We must force everyone to take experimental vaccines (with no long term data) and get a vaccine passport which will be used by our government and large altruistic multinational corporations for our good. Of course, they would never use it to gradually take more power and crush our rights as they only care about our well being. I feel much better!!!

  8. THEY LIE …. we should not sacrifice our freedom for a MESS OF POTTAGE .. .. A mess of pottage is something immediately attractive but of little value taken foolishly and carelessly in exchange for something more distant and perhaps less tangible but immensely more valuable.

  9. So now they want people to show proof of a vaccine to just simply participate in normal society?? You are having a laugh!
    I have the right to freedom of choice and no corrupt government is going to force me to have an untested death jab.
    Glad to see politicians who actually work for the public the best they can anyway doing the right thing by refusing the idea immediately and also taking executive action against vaccine passports. Thank you Governor DeSantis! I hope many other leaders stand firmly behind you.

  10. The only purpose of a vaccine passport is if it will be mandator to take it. Otherwise it would be pointless so every country that enacts a mandatory passport are telegraphing the message it will be mandatory it is not a choice. I guess 2022 will be the last year you can travel or enter stores nor be an employee without a vaccine. The only option is to boycott any country that requires these things don't buy goods, services nor travel to them unless you are ok with the requirements. Lol the fact they still don't want to guarantee you can freely travel even with a vaccine passport is laughable.

  11. As for Greece, I have been there 9 years, visiting! I loved it! Would I accept their insanity for the sake of travelling there?! NO! NO! NO! Enough is enough! Greece, especially, since it looks now like a Trojan horse, being so marketed for their safe vacations, with covid passport and PCR tests, will see their tourism crashed down! because there are few the people who roll their sleeves up and prostitute for the sake of a vacation, and fewer the ones who would pay extra fees (YES PCR TESTS are around 300 dollars for a family), just to go to Greece! but in the face of God, I do not see Greece well, for this masquerade of trying to foul people to alter genetic code. Where is God, Greece?! Is He dormant?! no, He is not! each will suffer consequences for himself, those who will choose to destroy their genetic code for a vacation, but those who will be tempters will suffer as well! I pity Greece both! I pity the people living from tourism, who will suffer, and I pity Greece for when God will set His Holy eyes on this country!

  12. UE MUST DISSOLVE!!!! the only thing UE was a union, is because of the freedom to travel! now UE talks about a passport of vaccination! well, since it sounded so obvious, they decided to call it a green….whatever! BYE-BYE EU! RO EXIT! citizens can and will promote on their own a referendum with RO EXIT!

  13. It was decided long ago by the UN at Davos. Belgium, Switzerland and Austria. Klaus Schwab. Building back better, and a reset.. for quiet cities. Save the earth means removing it's natural enemy. Humanity. They know what is best for us.


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