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Dual Citizenship & Work Residency Opportunities for Canada / Europe / Caribbean Islands

Have you thought about receiving dual citizenship for your own country and Canada? Or to live & work in Europe with your family?

Then join us for a FREE webinar on March 10 where we will explore options for global residency programs to live & work in various countries in Europe and North America. With our partner KAVAH Group in Africa, the webinar will explore all possible Dual Citizenship & Investment Programs in Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands.

About INGWE Canada
INGWE Canada is an immigration & citizenship company based in Ontario, Canada with 3 global offices worldwide. With over 15 employees, 100% success with more than 450 cases and an impressive 5-star rating on Google; INGWE offers visa and immigration consulting services (in 10 languages! ) to people from all over the world. The company aims to assist its clients to invest in their future in Canada, whether through monetary investment, an investment in their children’s education, or to migrate with their entire family. As a company, we are dedicated to serving our clients with exceptional service and take pride in helping them to navigate the full range of immigration options available to them.

We believe that transparency and trust are essential to succeed and based on these core values we have been building a strong relationship with our team, clients and partners. Hence, our mission is to personally guide each of our clients within their application process from beginning to end in the most time-optimized and cost-effective way.

Main Services;
– Educational Guidance in Canada
– Citizenship and Permanent Residency guidance
– Family sponsorship
– Express Entry
– Business Immigration
– Startup Visas
– Study and Work Permits and much more…

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Business Hours: Monday – Saturday / 9 am to 6 pm


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