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Why I want to Live In Montenegro – Geds findings while looking for Real Estate in the Kotor Bay area

The idea of Living in Montenegro had been on Ged’s mind for a while and after watching several of our YouTube videos he made direct contact with me to ask the usual barrage of questions about life in Montenegro (thank God for WhatsApp). Within a few weeks of comms bouncing back and forth, Ged touched down in Montenegro. Following several tours on his own and with me to see properties and places, not to mention stop-offs at the too many to mention great places to grab a bite or a beer, Ged has potentially found his dream “forever home” in Lustica.


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  1. What about starting a small business in ME? like a car or small transport truck for transporting goods and people OR a grocery store type of sole proprietorships.

  2. Wonderful video. I had a magical fortnight in this beautiful country before the pandemic. Could you advise, or point me in the right direction to find the information, if you need building permits to install an in ground pool in Montenegro?

  3. Hi Peter. Me and my wife we both from Poland but been living in London 20years. We have been to Croatia first time in 2014 and we love Croatia instantly . Since then we been there five times and on one occasion we travel to Montenegro and absolutely love the country. Fast forward next year we are planning to move out from hectic London and move to one of those countries but it's hard to decide. Would be possible to meet up with you and help us with our decision by just tell us how is to live in Montenegro and where to buy property? Thank you and great video. Damian

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but there is a 9% income tax rate but you also have to pay a municipality tax which is approximately 13%. However I don't know if the municipality tax is calculated on your gross income or on the 9% income tax that is payable. If it's calculated on the 9% income tax payable then the overall tax rate is very low for Europe.

  5. Wow Peter, the video turned out so nicely, your videos are looking better and better – very professional. I hope people enjoy that you are offering some informative content on Montenegro as well as your listings. And thanks again for going that extra mile to make my time there so rewarding!


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