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E-2 Visa – Eligibility, Cost, Treaty – Live, Work, Business in USA

The E-2 Visa is one of the best ways to invest in, or move/operate a business in the USA. The upside? An investment as little as $50k can get you up and running. What’s more? At times you do not even need a functioning business to begin. Interested in learning more? Watch now.

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  1. Fucking pathetic law, we as Indians are at a lot of disadvantage when it comes to staying in usa, we can't get green card, we can't get e-2 visa and we can't even stay in our own disgusting nation. I was talking to this boomer uncle who saying dumb shit like how India and USA have good relations and in coming years it will be easier for Indians to stay in USA, and I was like what a moron.


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