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Brexit: settlement scheme begins for EU citizens in UK

A senior Conservative minister has warned Theresa May that if Parliament wants to support a ‘softer’ Brexit – she can’t afford to ignore it. (Subscribe:

The Justice Secretary David Gauke said there were no ideal choices – as MPs prepare to hold a second round of indicative votes tomorrow on alternative options.

The shape of Britain’s future relations with Europe is already affecting millions of EU citizens who must now apply for a new ‘settled status’ scheme if they want to live here.

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  1. Local jobs for local people first. I understand people running away from wars etc. Nothing like that in the EU. No need for half of the Slavic countries to spill into Europe and the rest of the world. The biggest mistake was to expand the EU. People wouldn't have to deal with this mess otherwise. Shameful.

  2. ahhhh yes a team powererd train, some of the oldest and dirtiest tech there is while in the eu countries there putting in electric bullet trains that go 200 mph and run on solar power. yes life outside the eu is so much beter

  3. I"m Spanish & lived & worked in UK 22 years in the UK & they call us cheap , but they don't call cheap all there thousands of Brits in Spain all they do is drinking all day So what ever they do to us we'll do to them !

  4. Cut all ties with UK (trade ,travel even with a visa ) let them enjoy their freedom ,else they will blame Europe again is case of a disaster
    Peace xD i can live without ever steping my foot in UK or buying something from them

  5. My stepdad is a brit from yorkshire living in Sweden, no swedish citizenship. He doesn't want to have to go back to the UK, but might have to, especially since he is also currently unemployed. I find it really sad how brexit is tearing people apart and segregating us even more. We are so much more alike then unlike one another, and this is a total tragedy for the future of the UK and Europe.

  6. Earn over 30k a year then you can stay.
    It’s all fine & dandy harping on how good immigration is for the economy but when you have thousands of car washes springing up and £3 out of every £4 not being declared for tax and those running the show claiming benefits and saying they all only work 16hrs a week I wonder who’s economy is actually prospering from it.
    I’m glad it’s going to be made harder I’m glad there’s to be a 30k threshold on those who come.
    I’m not an elitist remainer who voted to stay because I’ve financial interests in the EU.
    I voted leave to end people trafficking,and stop rogue employers paying foreign workers below the min wage.
    I voted leave to end 20+ immigrants sharing 1house.
    I voted out to give our own children the chance to gain meaningful employment min wage or not.
    I voted leave to free up hospital appointments from those who have not paid into the system.
    Who clog our A&Es and GP/dentist surgeries.
    Who deny our children school placements in their own catchment areas.
    Be honest people who’s moved to Romania because a factory has opened and offering normal Brit expats a fantastic wage???..never going to happen.

  7. There is enough time has given to apply for this Seattle status scheme. And its cheap too. Whoever wants to stay are more than wellcome . May be same aplies to brits live in eu . Nothing to moaning about

  8. I don't have a problem with e.u. migrant workers coming here. I have a problem with african and middle east free loaders that we do not have a system to stop. There the ones that need to be sent back. Britain as usual bends to the u.n. agenda. It is that which we need to leave first.


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