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Article 20 TFEU – EU Citizenship

A video for law students about what it means to be a citizen of the European Union and how to use Article 20 TFEU in an exam.


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  1. Gosh I would indeed have said I was an EU Citizen – it was something major for me and my family. Absolutely fully felt European and many Scots indeed feel this. Many of us dont actually feel like UK citizens … for me my belongings are Glasgow then Scotland then EU – and that has now been ripped from me and is having consequences for my family too as young folk's futures are lost as was so easy to move anywhere in the EU to live before this awful Brexit – follow me at Big EU Passport to campaign on this – though probably too late – but can at least share our common experiences – am on Twitter mostly also Facebook and have a blog – links from my profile on Twitter

  2. So glad I found your channel! I'm in my third year studying at OU and really struggling with no lectures/ tutorials- your videos are so succinct and easy to take in I'm hoping you'll help me pass now! Thank you!

  3. Here in the member state of Malta freedoms are very restricted by corporate practice, through contractual provisions that attempt to reduce these freedoms, what is the most practical way to mediate the situation? do you face the same situation in your country?

  4. Thank you, Marcus, for sharing this useful information, I really appreciated your video 🙂
    Many people don't know they have the possibility to change this Europe by participating more actively in the European political life. I'm Italian, but I live in Brussels and I've just become a member of a political party. I would like to give my contribution, and mainly, I would like to stop the climate of injustice we sometimes have to face. For example, I just started a petition on the abolishment of pay and display car parks around hospital areas.
    I would like to do more.
    20 years ago, for example, a land owned by 1000 families at the seaside in Tuscany (including my family) was unjustly expropriated by the local municipality under the pretext that a natural park should be recreated. None of the families received a fair compensation for that since then. On the contrary, we are still paying an annual property tax on an expropriated ground we cannot use. I've heard that, according to the law, this is all illegal and all families who bought and owned that land are now entitled to sue the municipality and to get back the land they were once thrown out from. Could you please tell me if there is an Institution at European level we could refer to and that can have this issue solved in an efficient way instead of having to face all that with the Italian bureaucracy? Thanks a lot and have a nice day. Kind regards, Margherita

  5. Thanks so much for all your videos. They really are massively helpful in my exam revision. You explain everything so clearly, which is a nice change from the complicated language found in my law books! You are doing a great job!!

  6. Thank you for these videos. It helps me alot with preparing for oral EU exam in Denmark.

    Can't stop wondering if your name is Marcus C. Leaver, as in wanting to leave the Union, or just Marcus Cleaver 😉


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