Home USA $500,000 for a green card? EB-5 Investor program explained.

$500,000 for a green card? EB-5 Investor program explained.

Now I understand that a lot of you watching this video might not have the savings right now. This video is more intended towards those already in the US for a …


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  1. If I work after MS in CS IN US. Will I be able to save the amount required for EB-5 investor visa in say 3-5 years considering the fact that I live frugally and have no unnecessary expenses?

  2. Hey harsh can you please make a video on how much in total did you spent on your undergraduate degree, Including fees, residence ,food applying cost everything. I have been watching your videos since 2015 and since then wanted to know this information since then. Please make a video on that. PLEASE


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