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5 Easiest Countries to immigrate to and GET Citizenship❤️

5 Easiest Countries to Immigrate to and GET Citizenship.
YOU Can Retire in the Philippines! ❤️

In today’s video, were going to take a closer look at 5 Countries Where Getting Citizenship is Easy. There are lots of countries where getting citizenship Is About as easy as Learning Advanced Chinese Algebra or walking blindfold on a highwire. And then there are others, where it’s actually relatively easy…

Starting with,

#1. CANADA. One of the Most Beautiful Places in the Entire World. Plus, I’ve Literally Never Met a Canadian That I Didn’t Like…

They also have a Very Easy Path to citizenship.

Unless you already have a Job Offer in Canada, you’ll simply need proof of other income to obtain residency.

For example: As a single person, you’ll need $12,000 as proof of funds to emigrate as a skilled immigrant. After becoming a permanent resident, you can then apply for citizenship after 4 years.

You also get citizenship if you marry a Canadian.

And guess what? Canada allows dual citizenship.


You haven’t lived until you’ve spent time with Irish People. You can apply to become a naturalised citizen of Ireland after living there permanently for 1 year continuously.

Plus 4 years cumulative residency in the following 8 years.

But it doesn’t stop there. You might be able to get citizenship simply by proving your Irish ancestry.

Plus, Ireland is another country that Allows Dual Citizenship.


Singapore Offers a Simple Path to Citizenship. First, you need to Obtain Permanent Residency. by establishing a business in Singapore, getting a job there, Or, By Marrying a Singaporean… After you’ve lived in Singapore for 2 years, you can apply for citizenship.

Singapore does NOT allow dual citizenship. So, You’re Going to Have to Renounce Your Existing Citizenship, in Order to Get Singaporean Citizenship.


Whilst it is possible for a foreigner to Obtain Citizenship in Greece, there’s a very simple alternative… That Gets You Permanent Residence There. Greece Offers a Golden Visa. And it’s one of the most popular programmes Granting residency in Greece. And for very good reason… The qualification requirements are some of The Most Attractive in the World for Foreign Investors… A €250,000 Investment in one or more properties is enough to get you permanent residency…

And trust me, You Can Buy a Beautiful Home in Many of the Greek Islands for €250,000…


All you need to do is live in the country for 2 years, and be over 18 years old. Argentina is one of the easiest nations on the earth in which to obtain citizenship…

A financier visa applies to those who wish to live in Argentina and can prove having a minimum income of about $2,000 (USD) per month. This can be from annuities, dividends, investments, a business, or even a settlement. Simply provide documentation to prove this income, and its source, and make sure it goes into an Argentinian bank account, and you can apply for this visa…

Well, There You Go… 5 Countries Where it’s Very Easy to Get Citizenship… Thanks for Watching! Make it a Great Day!


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  1. Greece is not easy at all. I've lived here for 14 years, and I applied for citizenship 2 years ago, because I had been born in another country, so I had to wait two more years to apply. My application and files have not even been opened and checked.

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  4. I lived in Singapore for 5 years. The official estimate was that you needed $10,000,000 in the bank to retire there. At the time it was the most expensive city in the world to live. I doubt it has gotten any cheaper. Clean and safe however.

  5. Forgot to say:
    1. In Canada it's not enough to have $12k. You also needs to go through many years of process (about 10% only succeed), except maybe AAIP.
    2. In Argentina they revoke a citizenship once you left the country (unless you're native born).


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