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5 benefits of having a Green Card for the USA 🇺🇸

In todays video I will talk about 5 reasons why you should get a green card. Living and working in the United States of America doesn’t always require a green card. However, owning a green card gives you benefits just as cheaper tuition or the right to own a business.

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Hi, my name is Nicole. I moved from Germany to America and I think its just beautiful here. On my YouTube channel I talk all about life in America, challenges and good things that you will encounter here. So if this sounds interesting to you, consider subscribing so we can be friends 🙂

Thanks for watching my video! xoxo Nicole

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Business Email: nicoleinusa@yahoo.com

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  1. I really enjoy your videos. I had a couple comments. Almost every American university receives tax dollars. So, it is assumed that American citizens will be paying taxes to support the university. Foreign students do not pay these taxes. Fair or not, that is the reason foreign students pay more. Also, a green card is considered a pathway to citizenship. As far as I know, a green card holder has all the same rights as any US citizen, except for voting. Keep doing your videos! Love them.

  2. Hello nico 🙂
    i really like your way to give us lot information thanks
    I would like ask you which town u live now & which town u live in the first time & did u imigrating by green card or other solution thanks again sweet girl stay do vedios i hope ok 🙂


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