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10 Countries that offer Citizenship by Investment in 2021

Citizenship by investment is a means to secure a second citizenship and passport in another country by investing in its economy. This can be accomplished through different types of established investment options including real estate, government bonds, establishing a business, development funds, and more. There are some countries which have put there citizenship by investment programs on a halt due to the Pandemic. But, the countries mentioned in this video are still accepting application and are attracting a number of high net worth individuals from all over the world. Caribbean countries have captured top spots due to the significant changes they made to their programs. Dual citizenship from a small, peaceful nation also provides an extra piece of mind during times of instability.
So here are 10 Countries that offer Citizenship by investment.


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  4. One one of the Caribbean islands which took a direct hit from hurricane Maria in September 2017 money from the Citizenship by Investment program is missing the politicians stole it instead of putting it into the country the Prime minister was asked by the voters at a town hall about what happened to the money he told them none of your damn business. They sell passports to people who have never been to the island in the central caribbean and do not even know where it is all they have to do is send the money and they get a passport. There are people in middle eastern countries buying Caribbean island passports who have never been there. Anybody including criminals can but a passport for the right amount of money from some islands in the Caribbean.

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