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Which CBI passport is better? 👉 Comparison of passport programs – Caribbean countries & Vanuatu

✔ Citizenship by investment in the Caribbean – How to choose the CBI program and what is the cost of second economic citizenship?

Download the presentation on CBI programs comparison by following this link –

✔ The Caribbean – citizenship by investment.
Five Caribbean countries + Vanuatu are interested in attracting foreign private capital by ‘selling’ their citizenship. In exchange for investment into economy, the receiving jurisdictions are ready to offer their passports to the foreign high net worth individuals. By obtaining a second passport by investment, an investor gets the opportunity to travel visa-free to more than 100 countries of the world, settle in a safe haven outside homeland and have tax burden reduced.

In this video, we’ll talk about all Caribbean passport programs and the citizenship by investment program of Vanuatu. We’ll compare the programs’ prices, investment options and the number of family members allowed to be included in an application.

✔ Citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis –

✔ Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda –

✔ Citizenship of Grenada –

✔ Citizenship of Dominica –

✔ Citizenship of Saint Lucia –

✔ Citizenship of Vanuatu –

0:20 – 5 CBI programs in the Caribbean
0:44 – Freedom of movement
1:25 – Specifics of acquiring citizenship
2:15 – Investment options
2:58 – Cost of a Caribbean passport
4:09 – Who the main applicant can include in the application?
4:21 – Taxes


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  1. how about montenegro and georgia. what passport/citizenship I need to apply so that I can enter the countries member of the eu. and also I would like to go to canada, australia and switzerland without visa. please advice thanks.

  2. Contact Barrister Joseph11011@gmail.com WhatsApp on 9538619413 for ur Grenada, Canada, US, and UK passport and citizenships. It’s very easy u get the form fill and u will come in person to make the part payment and after the passport has been given u pay the full amount

  3. Hello There,
    For a long time I was in search of such program.
    I want to buy citizenship of Antigua and barbuda for 4 people.
    Myself (unmarried 26 years)
    My mother (48 years)
    My elder sister (unmarried 29 years)
    And my younger brother (unmarried 23 years)
    by donating to government.
    But our country India doesn't allow dual citizenship hence we will quit Indian citizenship and become citizens only of Antigua and Barbuda.
    Please assist me further.


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