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Temporary Residency, Permanent Residency & Citizenship What's the Difference?

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Today we are going to clarify some VERY important terms: Temporary Residency, Permanent Residency, and Citizenship.

What can you do with one, and not the others? What are benefits of having citizenship? How does permanent residency compare to a temporary one?

Who are we and what do we do?

We are Offshore Citizen team. We help people become global: get a second passport, set up a second residency, pay less taxes, do banking abroad, etc.

We have lots of interesting articles on different topics, we have relevant information up to date.

Author: Michael Rosmer

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  1. Maybe another video about tax residency re the above would be a good idea. ie. if a temporary resident are you still tax resident in your home country, and are you tax resident in the adopted country if renewing temporary residence yearly as opposed to a permanent residence etc. It all gets confusing but you do a great job of simplifying things!

  2. Hey Michael, Awesome channel bud. Keep it up!
    I noticed that you haven't covered many videos for solo Canadian ecomm & affiliate entrepreneurs on your channel. If possible, could you cover some topics related to
    -How Canadians can get access to USD credit cards for adspend(such as AMEX)
    -Most viable paths for Canadians to get green card/citizenship in the U.S (whether through employing yourself , or minimal investments, etc.)
    -Also what would be the best way to structure having a Canadian company and a US company in the business of ecomm/affiliate/agency. Generally which type of U.S business entity would work best for different situations. (i.e. C corp, S corp, LLC)…
    Certainly one size does not fit all and it will depend on why a person would need the US company in the first place; i.e. access to better credit, merchants, better business opportunities, path to green card/citizenship, etc., but if you could touch on those topics i think that would be very helpful.
    -And lastly apart from the U.S topic. What are some good places for Canadians to form offshore companies and maybe live. You mentioned UAE, but that its not for everyone

    Once again, Great yt channel. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos in the future


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