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How to buy citizenship in the EU

Malta is one of the few European Union countries where citizenship can be purchased relatively quickly – if you have the money. Klaus traveled to Malta to look into the two very different paths to EU citizenship there – one for wealthy investors and one for refugees. This June, the European Council will meet to focus on migration issues including asylum processes. Recently, the challenge of the rescue ship MV Aquarius to dock in Malta and in Italy highlighted the struggle of migrants coming to Europe by sea.


Malta Individual Investor Programme

Multi-citizenship through purchased passports

EU concern over the IIP

Sea Rescues

Refugee quotas

Migrants in Malta

EU Refugees

Recent rescue boat – MV Aquarius

Producer + Camera: Klaus Thymann
Editor: Michelle Pomeroy
Supervising Producer: Allison Brown
Special thanks: Maya Singer

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  1. Why buy your way into the EU when you can just be dirt poor, jump into a boat, and go to whatever country still hasn't figured out that they're losing their culture and population to migrants from Africa who provide nothing (or nearly nothing).

  2. This was VERY biased and didnt really address the full problem. The basis of the argument is that "buying citizenship is wrong" which yes it is. But this money is going directly in the PUBLIC coffers not some back alley deal with a shady politician. And for SURE painted a "evil greedy rich" vibe. CNN for millennials indeed.

  3. Are they refugees or just looking for a job?
    A refugee is happy to stay alive and go back to his own country when its safe. Why would they need citizenship?
    You can’t just give citizenship to anyone looking for a job. Sounds like a fair system in Malta.

  4. Your holiday is over. You will be held accountable for your criminal activities colluding with human traffickers. If you really want to help Africans go to Africa and help them there.

  5. I'll see your buying citizenship and obfuscated path to citizenship for refuges and raise you separating refugees children from their parents and throwing them in cages to sleep in concrete floors. Your move.


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